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BeSpoke Funding Instagram Giveaway: A $120,000 Celebration

BeSpoke Funding Instagram Giveaway

BeSpoke Funding Instagram Giveaway: A $120,000 Celebration

In the world of forex trading, opportunities to strike it big are enticing, and Bespoke Funding is making sure traders have a chance at a massive windfall. The prop trading firm recently made waves by announcing BeSpoke Funding Instagram giveaway that celebrates a staggering $120,000 payout. This giveaway not only showcases Bespoke Funding’s commitment to traders but also provides a unique chance for aspiring traders to kickstart their journey. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting opportunity.

BeSpoke Funding Instagram Giveaway Prize: Five 10k Classic Challenge Accounts

One of the main highlights of this giveaway is the chance to win five 10k Classic Challenge Accounts. These accounts are the perfect platforms for traders looking to enhance their skills and dive into the world of prop trading. The 10k Classic Challenge Accounts provide a valuable opportunity for traders to hone their craft, develop strategies, and potentially earn significant profits.

How to Enter: Simple Steps for Aspiring Traders

Bespoke Funding’s Instagram giveaway is open to all traders interested in the world of prop trading. The rules to enter are straightforward:

  1. Follow Bespoke Funding on Instagram: To participate in this incredible giveaway, traders need to follow Bespoke Funding’s Instagram page. This step ensures you’re in the loop for any updates regarding the contest.
  2. Like and Share the Designated Giveaway Post: Once you’ve followed Bespoke Funding, liking and sharing the designated giveaway post is essential. This not only spreads the word about the contest but also increases your chances of winning.
  3. Tag Three Friends in the Comments: Engage with fellow traders and involve them in the excitement. Tag three friends in the comments section of the giveaway post to complete your entry.

Winners and Announcement

The winners of the giveaway will be selected randomly, adding an element of surprise and fairness to the contest. The results will be eagerly anticipated, and the lucky recipients will be announced on October 31st. So, mark your calendars and stay tuned for this exciting revelation.

Bespoke funding instagram giveaway: a $120,000 celebration

Bespoke Funding: The Forex Prop Trading Powerhouse

Bespoke Funding is not just another player in the world of prop trading. They are a notable and respected force in the industry, emphasizing opportunities for traders like no other. The firm’s commitment to nurturing trading talent and fostering growth sets them apart. With this Instagram giveaway, Bespoke Funding underlines its dedication to traders and its desire to provide unique opportunities.

The 10k Classic Challenge Accounts

Bespoke Funding’s 10k Classic Challenge Accounts are a testament to their commitment to traders’ growth. These accounts are specifically designed to help traders enhance their skills, practice their strategies, and potentially reap significant rewards. It’s a win-win situation, and the giveaway offers an incredible chance to secure one of these coveted accounts.

Bespoke Funding: Your Partner in Success

To further understand Bespoke Funding’s significance in the prop trading world, it’s essential to know about their core offerings. The firm provides traders with two funding programs: Classic and Rapid. These programs allow traders to access account sizes of up to $400,000, a rare opportunity in the trading landscape.

But it doesn’t stop there; Bespoke Funding also offers an impressive 80% profit split. This means that traders who join hands with Bespoke Funding have the potential to earn substantial profits while developing their skills.

Partnerships with Reputed Brokers

Bespoke Funding solidifies its position by partnering with reputable brokers such as Eightcap and ThinkMarkets. These partnerships enhance the trading experience for Bespoke Funding traders, offering them a secure and efficient trading environment.


In conclusion, the Bespoke Funding Instagram Giveaway: A $120,000 Celebration is a fantastic opportunity for traders to jumpstart their trading journey and potentially earn substantial profits. Bespoke Funding, as a leading name in the prop trading world, has shown its commitment to nurturing trading talent and providing opportunities that are truly unique. With its range of funding programs and partnerships with renowned brokers, Bespoke Funding is the go-to platform for traders seeking growth and success in the forex trading industry.

So, remember to follow, like, share, and tag for a chance to win in this thrilling giveaway. The winners will be unveiled on October 31st, so stay tuned for your chance to join the ranks of successful traders under the Bespoke Funding umbrella.

Unlock Your Trading Potential with BeSpoke Funding

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