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Unlocking Growth Potential with Bespoke Funding Program Growth Plan

Bespoke Funding Program Growth Plan

Unlocking Growth Potential with Bespoke Funding Program Growth Plan

Introduction: In the world of finance, navigating through funding programs can feel like exploring a maze. But fear not, as Bespoke Funding is here to simplify the journey with its bespoke funding program growth plan. Whether you’re a novice trader or an experienced investor, understanding the stages and rewards of this program can pave the way for substantial growth.

Let’s delve into the stages, requirements, and rewards of Bespoke Funding’s program to unlock your full potential in the market.

Key Highlights of Bespoke Funding Program Growth Plan

Bronze Stage (Stage 1): Time to Lay the Foundation

At the Bronze stage, traders embark on their journey towards growth. The primary focus here is on time. To be eligible for the next stage, traders need to demonstrate consistency by trading for 3 months on a singular account. Additionally, 2 out of the 3 months must be profitable. It’s the foundational phase where traders start building their track record with Bespoke Funding.

Silver Stage (Stage 2): Stepping Up the Game

Moving up to the Silver stage requires traders to continue trading for 6 months on a singular account. Additionally, 4 out of the 6 months must be profitable. This stage marks a significant milestone where traders showcase their ability to maintain profitability over a more extended period.

Gold Stage (Stage 3): Striving for Excellence

As traders progress to the Gold stage, the requirements become more stringent. To qualify, traders must trade for 9 months on a singular account, with 6 out of the 9 months being profitable. This stage sets the bar higher, pushing traders to achieve consistent profitability and stability in their trading endeavors.

Platinum Stage (Stage 4): Reaching the Pinnacle

The Platinum stage represents the pinnacle of achievement in Bespoke Funding’s program. Traders need to trade for 12 months on a singular account, with 8 out of the 12 months being profitable. This stage not only demands consistency but also longevity in maintaining profitability. Moreover, traders at this stage enjoy multiple payouts on their accounts, further enhancing their rewards.

Unlocking growth potential with bespoke funding program growth plan

Rewards and Benefits

Now, let’s talk rewards. Bespoke Funding doesn’t just stop at helping traders grow; they also ensure that their efforts are duly rewarded.


  • Bronze: Traders receive 3x payouts on their account.
  • Silver: Traders enjoy 6x payouts on their account.
  • Gold: Traders are rewarded with 9x payouts on their account.
  • Platinum: Traders receive a whopping 12x payouts on their account.

Withdrawal Time

Bespoke Funding rewards traders with payouts based on their stage and performance. The frequency and amount of payouts increase as traders progress through the stages:

  • Bronze: Traders receive 10-day payouts along with a 10% account increase.
  • Silver: Traders enjoy 7-day payouts coupled with a 20% account increase.
  • Gold: Traders benefit from 3-day payouts and a 30% account increase.
  • Platinum: Traders receive same-day payouts and a 40% account increase.


In addition to payouts and account increases, traders are eligible for a salary based on their stage:

  • Silver: Withdrawals are processed within Up to $500 limit.
  • Gold: Withdrawals extend up to Up to $1000.
  • Platinum: Traders can withdraw up to Up to $1500.

Daily Drawdown

To ensure prudent risk management, Bespoke Funding imposes daily drawdown limits at each stage:

  • Silver: A 6% daily loss limit is enforced.
  • Gold: Traders face a 7% daily loss limit.
Unlocking growth potential with bespoke funding program growth plan


Bespoke Funding’s program offers a structured pathway for traders to grow and succeed in the financial markets. By understanding the stages, requirements, and rewards, traders can chart their course towards profitability and long-term success.

Whether you’re just starting or aiming for the top, Bespoke Funding provides the tools and support to help you reach your goals. Start your journey today and unlock your full potential with Bespoke Funding’s bespoke funding program growth plan.

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