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E8 Markets Updated News Trading Rule for Traders

E8 Markets Updated News Trading Rule

E8 Markets Updated News Trading Rule for Traders

E8 Markets, the prop firm trusted by swing and intraday traders, has made a significant update to its News Trading rule. This adjustment aims to provide clarity and assurance to traders during high-impact news events affecting specific currencies. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of E8 Markets updated news trading rule and how it affects traders’ strategies and profits.

Understanding the E8 Markets Updated News Trading Rule

The updated News Trading rule by E8 Markets aims to maintain consistency and fairness in trading practices. It states that if a trader’s trading aligns with their usual pattern and strategy, the rule will not impact them. This means that if your trading style remains consistent with your established strategy, you can continue trading without being affected by the updated rule.

Impact of High-Impact News Events

During high-impact news events, such as major economic announcements or geopolitical developments, volatility in the currency markets can increase significantly. To mitigate risks associated with such events, E8 Markets has introduced a new guideline: profits from trades initiated during the 10-minute window of a high-impact news event affecting a specific currency will not be recognized.

What does this mean for traders? Essentially, if you execute trades during this critical window surrounding a high-impact news event, any profits generated from these trades will not be counted. While this may impact short-term gains, it is designed to ensure stability and fairness across all trading activities.

However, it’s important to note that while these trades won’t contribute to your profit tally, they also will not constitute a violation of your account. This means that trading news events won’t result in account termination or punitive actions from E8 Markets.

Maintaining Trading Integrity

E8 Markets prioritizes maintaining the integrity of its trading environment while ensuring that traders have the freedom to pursue their strategies. For traders who adhere to consistent trading strategies, the updated rule should not disrupt their trading activities. By staying true to their established patterns, traders can navigate the market with confidence, knowing that their strategies remain unaffected by the News Trading rule adjustment.

All in all, by implementing this updated rule, the prop firm aims to strike a balance between risk management and trader autonomy.

Navigating the Rule as a Trader

For traders, understanding and adapting to the updated News Trading rule is essential for optimizing their strategies. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep track of high-impact news events that could affect the currencies you trade. Being aware of upcoming announcements can help you plan your trading activities accordingly.
  2. Risk Management: Implement effective risk management strategies to protect your capital during volatile market conditions.
  3. Diversify Your Approach: Explore alternative trading strategies that aren’t heavily reliant on news events. Diversifying your approach can help you navigate the market more effectively, especially during volatile periods.
  4. Review and Adapt: Regularly review your trading strategy in light of market developments and rule updates. Adaptation is key to success in the dynamic world of trading.


In conclusion, E8 Markets updated news trading rule seeks to provide clarity and stability for swing and intraday traders. While profits from trades made during high-impact news events won’t be recognized, traders can continue to pursue their strategies without fear of account termination or penalties. By staying informed, adjusting their timing, diversifying their approach, and reviewing their strategies, traders can navigate the updated rule effectively and optimize their trading outcomes.

At E8 Markets, the focus remains on empowering traders while upholding the integrity of the trading environment.

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