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Funded Engineer Transition to Blueberry Markets: A New Chapter

Funded Engineer Transition to Blueberry Markets

Funded Engineer Transition to Blueberry Markets: A New Chapter

In the realm of proprietary trading, adaptability is key. The recent decision by Purple to halt new account issuances to the prop space has prompted a strategic shift for many traders. Among them, those affiliated with Funded Engineer are embarking on a transition to Blueberry Markets. This article delves into the details of Funded Engineer Transition to Blueberry Markets and the implications of this transition on traders.

Key Highlights of Funded Engineer Transition to Blueberry Markets

Funded Engineer traders are undergoing a significant transition to Blueberry Markets. The decision stems from the recent hurdles faced by Purple, resulting in the suspension of new accounts issuance to the prop space. Consequently, there have been minor delays in the migration process. However, the firm is steadfast in its commitment to facilitating a smooth transition for its traders.

Navigating the Transition

With Purple’s stance affecting the issuance of new accounts, Funded Engineer participants have encountered some delays in migration. However, the firm is swiftly responding to this challenge by redirecting its efforts towards onboarding new accounts with Blueberry Markets.

Refunds and Eligibility Criteria

In this transition phase, ensuring a smooth experience for traders is paramount. Funded Engineer is committed to facilitating this process, offering refunds to eligible participants who opt for them. To qualify for a refund, accounts must have no greater than a 4% drawdown. This gesture aims to provide flexibility to traders who may prefer to explore other opportunities or adjust their trading strategies in light of the changes.

However, it’s essential to note that opting for a refund means losing access to the account. Alternatively, traders may choose to wait, with their challenge account in drawdown being reset to the original starting balance at the time of purchase upon the launch of Blueberry Markets.

Resetting Challenge Accounts

For those who opt to remain patient, Funded Engineer assures them that their challenge accounts in drawdown will be reset to the original starting balance at the time of purchase upon the launch with Blueberry Markets. This approach aims to maintain fairness and continuity for participants who choose to continue their journey with the firm.

Addressing Pending Payouts

Acknowledging the importance of timely payouts, Funded Engineer is actively addressing a backlog of pending payouts from the 7th until today. This proactive approach underscores the firm’s commitment to transparency and accountability, ensuring that participants receive their dues promptly.

Moreover, a substantial portion of payouts will be processed today, alongside refunds for eligible participants. This proactive stance demonstrates Funded Engineer’s dedication to honoring its commitments and fostering trust among its community of traders.

About Funded Engineer

Founded on the principle of empowering traders, Funded Engineer provides aspiring professionals with the opportunity to access virtual capital of up to $2,000,000 USD. With a drawdown limit of up to 20%, the firm offers a conducive environment for traders to hone their skills and pursue their financial goals.

Underlying Funded Engineer’s ethos is a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth. Through its comprehensive training programs and supportive community, the firm equips traders with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the dynamic world of proprietary trading.


With Funded Engineer transition to Blueberry Markets amidst challenges posed by Purple’s decision, the firm remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting traders. By offering refunds, addressing pending payouts, and ensuring a seamless transition process, the firm underscores its dedication to transparency, fairness, and excellence.

Looking ahead, Funded Engineer remains a beacon of opportunity for traders seeking to unleash their potential in the world of proprietary trading. With its robust framework and unwavering support, the firm continues to empower traders on their journey towards success.

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