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Introducing Funded Trading Plus New Payout Method Skrill

Funded Trading Plus New Payout Method Skrill

Introducing Funded Trading Plus New Payout Method Skrill

In the fast-paced world of online trading, convenience, security, and efficiency are paramount for traders seeking success. Well, look no further as Funded Trading Plus proudly announces its latest collaboration with Skrill, a renowned digital wallet, as a new payout method for its traders.

This article delves into the details of Funded Trading Plus New Payout Method Skrill and how this seamless payout method not only simplifies financial transactions but also enhances the overall trading experience.

Key Highlights of Funded Trading Plus New Payout Method Skrill

With a history dating back to 2001, Skrill has established itself as a leading player in the digital payments industry. Operating in over 100 countries and supporting transactions in more than 40 currencies, Skrill offers a user-friendly digital wallet that aligns perfectly with the needs of modern traders.

This strategic partnership between Funded Trading Plus and Skrill aims to streamline payment processes for traders globally.

Enhancing Convenience and Security

The collaboration between Funded Trading Plus and Skrill is a testament to the commitment of both entities towards providing traders with unparalleled support and convenience.

By integrating Skrill as a payout method, traders can now enjoy enhanced convenience, streamlined financial transactions, and increased security in their trading endeavors. This move underscores Funded Trading Plus‘s dedication to empowering traders and simplifying their trading journey.

Empowering Traders Worldwide

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Funded Trading Plus’s journey of innovation and empowerment for traders worldwide. By leveraging Skrill’s cutting-edge payment infrastructure, Funded Trading Plus reinforces its commitment to providing traders with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the dynamic world of trading.

Key Benefits of Skrill Integration

  • Global Reach: Skrill’s presence in over 100 countries ensures that traders from diverse regions can benefit from this collaboration.
  • Multi-Currency Support: With support for transactions in more than 40 currencies, Skrill facilitates seamless international payments, eliminating the hassle of currency conversions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Skrill’s intuitive digital wallet interface makes it easy for traders to manage their funds and execute transactions with ease.
  • Secure Transactions: Skrill prioritizes the security of its users’ funds, employing robust encryption and authentication measures to safeguard against unauthorized access.
  • Efficient Payouts: By leveraging Skrill as a payout method, Funded Trading Plus ensures prompt and efficient disbursement of funds to traders, enhancing overall satisfaction and trust.
Introducing funded trading plus new payout method skrill

About Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus stands out in the realm of proprietary trading firms with its unique approach and trader-centric policies. Here are some notable features of Funded Trading Plus:

  • No Minimum & Maximum Trading Day Requirements: Unlike traditional prop firms, Funded Trading Plus does not impose minimum or maximum trading day requirements on its traders, allowing for greater flexibility and autonomy.
  • Scaling Plan: The firm offers a scaling plan that enables traders to progressively increase their trading capital based on performance, providing a clear path to growth and profitability.
  • First Payout Upon Making a Profit: With Funded Trading Plus, traders receive their first payout upon making a profit, incentivizing success and aligning the firm’s interests with those of its traders.
  • Weekly Payouts: Traders can expect weekly payouts, ensuring timely access to their earnings and fostering a consistent income stream.
  • Profit Share: Funded Trading Plus offers an impressive profit share of 80% up to 100%, allowing traders to retain a significant portion of their earnings.
  • Overnight Holding Allowed: Unlike some prop firms that restrict overnight positions, Funded Trading Plus permits overnight holding, enabling traders to capitalize on extended market opportunities.


In conclusion, the introduction of Funded Trading Plus new payout method Skrill represents a significant milestone in the quest for innovation and empowerment in the world of online trading. By integrating Skrill as a new payout method, Funded Trading Plus reaffirms its commitment to providing traders with the tools and support they need to thrive.

With its trader-friendly policies and focus on excellence, Funded Trading Plus continues to lead the way in the prop trading industry, setting new standards for success and accessibility.

Unlock Your Trading Potential with Funded Trading Plus

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