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Navigating Market Volatility with Funded Trading Plus Temporary Suspension for US Traders

Funded Trading Plus Temporary Suspension for US Traders

Navigating Market Volatility with Funded Trading Plus Temporary Suspension for US Traders

In the dynamic landscape of financial trading, adaptation and strategic decision-making are paramount. Funded Trading Plus, a prominent player in the proprietary trading sphere, has recently made a significant announcement impacting its operations for traders based in the United States.

Let’s delve into the details of Funded Trading Plus Temporary Suspension for US Traders and its implications for traders.

Funded Trading Plus Temporary Suspension for US Traders

With market conditions exhibiting heightened volatility and unpredictability, Funded Trading Plus has opted to pause new purchases for its MT4 and MT5 programs for US traders. This proactive measure aims to mitigate potential risks associated with trading on these platforms during turbulent market phases. The decision underscores the firm’s commitment to prioritizing the safety and stability of its clients’ trading activities amidst challenging market dynamics.

Existing clients of Funded Trading Plus in the US are assured continuity in their trading endeavors. They can continue operating on their MetaTrader accounts seamlessly until the migration to DXtrade, a move orchestrated by the firm to provide a more stable trading alternative. This strategic transition is slated to occur by the end of the week, facilitating a smooth transfer of account balances and ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing trading activities.

Key Points for US Customers: Navigating the Transition

For US-based customers of Funded Trading Plus, several key points emerge from this transition:

  1. No New Registrations for MetaTrader Programs: In light of the temporary suspension, US traders are informed that new registrations for MT4 and MT5 programs are currently unavailable. This measure is enacted to align with the firm’s risk management strategy amid market uncertainty.
  2. Ongoing Trading Without Disruption: Existing clients can rest assured that their trading activities will continue uninterrupted during the transition period. The firm remains dedicated to facilitating seamless trading experiences for its clientele, prioritizing operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Clients can rest assured that their trading activities will proceed as usual, with no interruptions to their trading strategies or operations.
  3. DXtrade as the Default Platform: With the migration to DXtrade on the horizon, US-based clients can anticipate a shift towards this alternative platform. Funded Trading Plus aims to position DXtrade as the default trading platform for its US clientele, offering enhanced stability and functionality in comparison to MetaTrader platforms.

Industry Trends and Strategic Adaptation

The decision by Funded Trading Plus to temporarily suspend MT4 and MT5 programs for US traders reflects broader trends within the trading industry. Increasingly, market participants are recognizing the importance of adopting alternative platforms that can better withstand market volatility and provide robust trading infrastructure.

Concerns over the stability of MetaTrader platforms amidst uncertain market conditions have prompted firms like Funded Trading Plus to reassess their platform offerings and prioritize the adoption of more resilient alternatives. This strategic shift underscores the evolving nature of the trading landscape, where adaptability and innovation are essential for sustained success.

About Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus stands out as a leading provider of proprietary trading programs, renowned for its commitment to empowering traders with opportunities for success. With a diverse range of programs tailored to accommodate traders at varying skill levels, the firm offers a platform for individuals to pursue their trading ambitions with confidence.

Founded on principles of simplicity, transparency, and competitiveness, Funded Trading Plus has earned its reputation as one of the fastest-growing prop firm providers in the industry. The firm’s entry-level program, starting from $12,500, presents a compelling opportunity for traders to access capital and leverage their skills in the financial markets.

With an emphasis on straightforward rules, generous profit splits of up to 90%, and competitive pricing structures, Funded Trading Plus remains dedicated to fostering a supportive trading environment conducive to growth and profitability. Through strategic initiatives such as the transition to DXtrade, the firm demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and ensuring the continued success of its clientele.


In conclusion, Funded Trading Plus Temporary Suspension for US Traders reflects a proactive response to market volatility and uncertainty. By prioritizing the safety and stability of its clients’ trading activities, the firm underscores its commitment to delivering exceptional trading experiences.

As the industry evolves, Funded Trading Plus remains steadfast in its mission to empower traders with the tools and opportunities needed to thrive in dynamic market environments.

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