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Funding Pips Cryptocurrency Payments Update 2024

Funding Pips Cryptocurrency Payments Update

Funding Pips Cryptocurrency Payments Update 2024

In a recent stride towards innovation, Funding Pips has announced a significant update to its Discounts & Affiliates program, introducing a seamless integration of cryptocurrency payments. This move is a testament to Funding Pips’ commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the prop trading world. Funding Pips cryptocurrency payments update aligns with the firm’s dedication to providing convenience and embracing the evolving needs of its diverse user base.

The Evolution of Payments: Funding Pips and Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity in the financial landscape, and Funding Pips has recognized the transformative potential of these digital assets. Traders associated with Funding Pips can now leverage the power of popular cryptocurrencies when making payments through the Discounts & Affiliates program. This marks a progressive step for the firm, acknowledging the increasing demand for alternative payment methods in the dynamic digital asset market.

Key Features of Funding Pips Cryptocurrency Payments Update

  1. Discount Codes and Cryptocurrency Payments: Traders can now apply discount codes seamlessly when making payments through widely accepted cryptocurrencies. This integration enhances flexibility for users, allowing them to take advantage of discounts while utilizing the convenience of digital currencies.
  2. Adaptability and Innovation: Funding Pips’ decision to incorporate cryptocurrency payments reflects its commitment to adaptability and innovation. By embracing the growing trend of digital currencies, the firm ensures that its users have access to the latest and most convenient payment options available.
  3. Secure Payment Experience: Acknowledging the importance of security, Funding Pips assures its users a secure payment experience through the integration of cryptocurrency payments. This move aims to build trust and confidence among the trader community associated with Funding Pips.
Funding pips cryptocurrency payments update 2024

About Funding Pips

Funding Pips stands out in the prop trading landscape with its commitment to setting industry standards and embracing technological advancements. Here are some key facts about the firm:

  • Maximum Drawdown Scaling: up to 14%
    • This refers to the maximum percentage of loss that a trader can experience from their peak account value before a recovery. In the case of Funding Pips, traders are allowed a drawdown of up to 14%. This provides a measure of risk control, ensuring that traders have some flexibility even in challenging market conditions.
  • Maximum Daily Drawdown Scaling: up to 7%
    • Similar to maximum drawdown scaling, this sets a limit on the maximum allowable loss in a single trading day. In Funding Pips’ case, traders are capped at a daily drawdown of up to 7%. This adds an extra layer of risk management to prevent significant losses within a short time frame.
  • First Payout After: 5 Days
    • This indicates the time frame within which a trader can expect to receive their first payout after joining Funding Pips. In this case, traders can anticipate their initial payout within the first 5 days of participating in the program, providing a relatively quick turnaround.
  • Payout Cycle: 5 Calendar Days
    • The payout cycle represents the frequency at which traders receive payouts. Funding Pips operates on a 5-calendar-day payout cycle, meaning traders can expect regular payouts every five days. This regularity can be advantageous for traders who rely on consistent income streams.
  • Profit Share: 80% up to 90%
    • Funding Pips offers a profit-sharing model where traders receive a percentage of the profits they generate. The profit share ranges from 80% to 90%, providing traders with a substantial portion of their earnings. A higher profit share percentage is typically more favorable for traders.
  • Overnight & Weekend Holding: Allowed
    • This feature indicates whether traders are permitted to hold positions overnight or over the weekend. Funding Pips allows traders to hold positions during both overnight and weekend periods, offering flexibility for those who prefer longer-term trading strategies.
  • News Trading: Allowed (During Evaluation)
    • News trading involves making trading decisions based on the release of economic news and data. Funding Pips permits news trading during the evaluation phase, allowing traders to incorporate fundamental analysis into their strategies. This shows a certain level of flexibility during the initial evaluation period.
  • Affordable Evaluation Program Prices
    • This highlights the accessibility of Funding Pips’ evaluation program. The term “affordable” suggests that the costs associated with joining the program are reasonable, making it easier for aspiring traders to participate and showcase their skills without significant financial barriers.

Funding Pips distinguishes itself by offering an evaluation program with reasonable prices, allowing aspiring traders to kickstart their journey with a prop trading firm that prioritizes growth and success.

Embracing Technology for Trader Benefits

The integration of cryptocurrency payments for Discounts & Affiliates is not just a technological update; it’s a strategic move by Funding Pips to enhance the overall experience of its traders. By allowing the use of digital currencies, the firm opens up new possibilities for those seeking discounts while embracing the evolving landscape of financial technology.

Industry-Leading Practices

Funding Pips’ forward-thinking approach positions the firm as a leader in the prop trading industry. The decision to incorporate cryptocurrency payments aligns with the company’s mission to continually explore innovative solutions that benefit its traders. As the digital asset market evolves, Funding Pips remains committed to providing its user base with cutting-edge tools and features that empower them to succeed in the dynamic world of trading.


In conclusion, Funding Pips cryptocurrency payments update for Discounts & Affiliates showcases the firm’s dedication to adapting to market trends and meeting the changing needs of its traders. This move not only brings convenience but also emphasizes the importance of embracing technological advancements for the benefit of the entire trader community.

As Funding Pips continues to set industry standards, its commitment to innovation positions it as a pioneer in the prop trading world. The introduction of cryptocurrency payments is not just an update; it’s a stride towards the future of trading, demonstrating Funding Pips’ unwavering commitment to excellence.

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