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Unleashing the Power of Trading with FundingPips November Competition 2023

FundingPips November Competition

Unleashing the Power of Trading with FundingPips November Competition 2023

The Forex world is abuzz with anticipation as FundingPips, a prominent player in the Prop trading arena, announces its much-awaited FundingPips November Competition for 2023. This event promises an exhilarating ride for both seasoned traders and newcomers, offering a prize pool that’s nothing short of staggering – a colossal $1,160,000. Let’s delve into the details of this extraordinary competition and the opportunities it presents for traders looking to take their skills to the next level.

A Glimpse into the FundingPips Prop Trading Firm

Before delving into the specifics of the FundingPips November Competition 2023, let’s take a moment to get acquainted with the prop trading firm hosting this impressive event.

FundingPips, a distinguished name in the Forex Prop trading sphere, is renowned for its commitment to nurturing traders and helping them achieve their financial goals. With a unique offering of $100,000 for a mere $399, FundingPips empowers traders to leverage their potential, offering a lucrative up to 90% profit split. This model allows traders to scale their operations to an impressive $2 million, a testament to FundingPips’ dedication to providing a dynamic and supportive trading environment.

FundingPips November Competition: A Game-Changer in Prop Trading

Now, let’s get into the heart of the matter – the FundingPips November Competition 2023. This competition has set the forex trading community abuzz with its remarkable offerings.

Prize Pool Extravaganza

The FundingPips November Trading Competition 2023 boasts a remarkable prize pool of $1,160,000, which is sure to capture the attention of traders worldwide. This massive pool is a testament to FundingPips’ commitment to rewarding excellence and fostering a spirit of healthy competition within the trading community.

Rewards Galore for the Top 20 Contestants

For the top 20 contestants in this competition, there are substantial rewards awaiting. They will be competing for a significant share of the prize pool, with a staggering $575,000 in trading account prizes and an additional $5,000 in cash prizes up for grabs. This not only serves as a testament to the caliber of traders attracted to FundingPips but also as a powerful incentive for participants to bring their A-game.

Random Prizes: Surprises Await

The excitement doesn’t end there. The first 1000 participants in the FundingPips November Trading Competition 2023 will have the chance to win exciting random prizes. This element of surprise adds an extra layer of thrill to the competition, ensuring that every participant has something to look forward to.

Unleashing the power of trading with fundingpips november competition

Registration: Your Gateway to the Competition

With such an enticing array of prizes up for grabs, it’s only natural that traders are eager to participate. Registration for the FundingPips November Trading Competition 2023 is open until midnight (23:59 UTC) on October 31st. This provides ample time for traders to prepare and gear up for this exhilarating event.

Unlocking the 10% Discount: A Reward in Itself

As an additional perk, all participants in the FundingPips November Trading Competition 2023 will receive a 10% discount code. This discount is immediately applicable upon registration, offering participants an instant benefit as they embark on this thrilling trading journey.

Conclusion: Seize the Opportunity with FundingPips November Competition

The FundingPips November Trading Competition 2023 stands as a testament to FundingPips’ dedication to propelling traders towards success. With a staggering $1,160,000 in prizes, including substantial rewards for the top 20 contestants and exciting random prizes for the first 1000 participants, this event is poised to make waves in the Forex Prop trading community.

Participants not only have the chance to compete for substantial prizes but also gain access to FundingPips’ renowned Prop trading model. With an offering of $100,000 for just $399 and the potential to scale up to $2 million, FundingPips empowers traders to reach new heights.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Register now for the FundingPips November Trading Competition 2023 and take a significant step towards realizing your trading potential with a firm that’s dedicated to your success. Happy trading!

Unlock Your Trading Potential with Funding Pips

Ready to take your trading to the next level? Get started with Funding Pips and start your trading journey on the right foot.

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