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Unlock Your Trading Potential with MyFundedFX 1-Step MAX Discount!

MyFundedFX 1-Step MAX Discount

Unlock Your Trading Potential with MyFundedFX 1-Step MAX Discount!

Are you ready to take your trading game to the next level? If so, you’re in luck because MyFundedFX is offering an exclusive 20% DISCOUNT on their 1-Step MAX program. This limited-time offer is valid until May 31st, 2024, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your trading journey.

What is 1-Step MAX?

1-Step MAX simplifies the trading process, offering a streamlined approach for traders to achieve their goals. Unlike traditional methods that may involve multiple phases and complex strategies, 1-Step MAX condenses everything into a single phase. It’s designed to be straightforward, efficient, and profitable.

Key Features of 1-Step MAX

The 1-Step MAX program is designed to simplify the trading process, making it accessible to traders of all levels. Let’s delve deeper into its key features:

  1. Profit Target: One of the primary objectives of trading is to generate profits. With 1-Step MAX, traders are encouraged to aim for an 8% profit margin. This clear target provides a benchmark for traders to work towards, helping them stay focused on their trading goals.
  2. Max DD (static): Drawdown refers to the reduction in an account’s balance from its peak value. To manage risk, 1-Step MAX imposes a limit on the maximum drawdown, set at 8%. This ensures that traders maintain control over their losses and avoid significant downturns in their account balance.
  3. Daily DD (soft breach): While drawdown limits are essential for risk management, they can sometimes be breached due to market fluctuations. In such cases, 1-Step MAX incorporates a soft breach mechanism for daily drawdown. Traders are required to stay within a 2% daily drawdown limit, providing a buffer against sudden market movements.
  4. Max Daily Profit (soft breach): Similarly, traders are encouraged to exercise caution in their profit-taking strategies. To prevent excessive risk-taking, 1-Step MAX imposes a limit on daily profits, set at 2%. This ensures that traders maintain a balanced approach to trading and avoid overleveraging for short-term gains.
  5. Payout Time: MyFundedFX values transparency and efficiency when it comes to payouts. With 1-Step MAX, traders can expect to receive their payouts within 7 days of meeting the program’s requirements. This ensures that traders are rewarded promptly for their trading performance.
  6. Red News Trading: News events can have a significant impact on financial markets, leading to increased volatility and unpredictable price movements. To mitigate this risk, 1-Step MAX prohibits red news trading during the funded phase. This helps traders avoid unnecessary exposure to market fluctuations during sensitive periods.
Unlock your trading potential with myfundedfx 1-step max discount!

Understanding Soft Breach

One of the unique aspects of 1-Step MAX is the concept of soft breach. This acts as a safeguard against excessive losses, ensuring that traders maintain discipline and manage risk effectively.

If a trader reaches the 2% daily drawdown limit, their account will not be breached. Instead, they can simply pause trading for the remainder of the day and resume the next day after 00:00 server time. This limit serves as a reminder to prevent traders from exceeding a 2% loss in a single day, promoting responsible trading practices.

How Payout Requests Work?

With 1-Step MAX, traders have the flexibility to withdraw their full profit without worrying about the daily drawdown being counted. However, it’s important to note that the max static drawdown will still be calculated from the initial balance, which is 8%.

To further enhance your trading experience, 1-Step MAX offers a maximum account size of $200,000, with the possibility of increasing it up to $300,000. This allows traders to scale their operations and potentially amplify their profits.

MyFundedFX 1-Step MAX Discount

Now, let’s talk about the exciting part – the prices! With the 20% DISCOUNT using the code MAX20, you can access 1-Step MAX at incredibly affordable rates. Here’s a breakdown of the discounted prices:

Account SizeOriginal PriceDiscounted Price

Each customer can use the discount code up to 3 times before the offer expires on May 31st.


With MyFundedFX’s 1-Step MAX program, aspiring traders can access a streamlined path to success in the forex market. With clear profit targets, manageable drawdown limits, and flexible payout options, this program is designed to empower traders of all levels.

Don’t miss out on the exclusive 20% DISCOUNT available until May 31st, 2024. Unlock your trading potential today with MyFundedFX 1-Step MAX!

Unlock Your Trading Potential with My Funded FX

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