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Prop Firms December 2023 Updates – A Detailed Overview

Prop Firms December 2023 Updates

Prop Firms December 2023 Updates – A Detailed Overview

In the dynamic world of forex trading, staying abreast of the latest updates from leading prop trading firms is crucial for traders seeking optimal opportunities. This article delves into the recent developments of various prop firms, shedding light on their initiatives and improvements as of December 2023. Prop Firms December 2023 Updates will explore notable changes in the top prop firms.

Key Highlights of Prop Firms December 2023 Updates

E8 Funding

E8 Funding, a leading name in the prop trading industry, has made significant strides in fortifying its position and providing enhanced opportunities for traders. In December 2023, the firm unveiled strategic partnerships and program modifications to better cater to the evolving needs of its trader community.

  • Strategic Partnership with Rise: In a strategic move, E8 Funding formed a partnership with Rise, a prominent withdrawal processor. This collaboration aims to streamline the withdrawal process for traders, offering a more efficient and seamless experience.
  • Account Size Requirement Adjustment: Anticipating the launch of the E8 custom program, the firm made a pivotal decision to lower the account size requirement. Previously set at $250,000, the new threshold stands at $200,000. This adjustment demonstrates E8 Funding’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for a wider range of traders.

The Funded Trader

  • Dragon Challenge and Knight Challenge Upgrades: The Funded Trader, another key player in the prop trading arena, introduced the Dragon Challenge, a three-step evaluation process with affordable one-time fees. Simultaneously, the firm expanded flexibility in the Knight Challenge, offering account sizes of $5,000 and $110,000.
  • Additional Features in the Knight Challenge: To empower traders further, The Funded Trader incorporated new features into the Knight Challenge. These include increased daily drawdown and trailing drawdown limits, providing more room for traders to navigate varying market conditions. Additionally, a new payment processor for withdrawals was introduced, enhancing transactional convenience.

Funding Pips

  • Multilingual Live Chat Support: Funding Pips took a step towards inclusivity by introducing multilingual live chat support on their website. This feature enhances accessibility for traders worldwide, fostering a more inclusive and supportive trading environment.
  • New Payment Processor for Withdrawals: In a bid to streamline financial transactions, Funding Pips incorporated a new payment processor, allowing traders to execute withdrawals through the established platform Rise.


Lightning Audition Program: SurgeTrader introduced the Lightning Audition, a new funding program designed to cater to a diverse range of traders. With account sizes ranging from $10,000 to $100,000, a 5% profit target, a 3% daily loss limit, a 4% trailing drawdown, and 1:20 leverage, this program presents a comprehensive opportunity for traders to explore and showcase their skills.


PayPal Integration: MyFundedFX, recognizing the importance of flexible payment options, introduced PayPal as a new payment method. This addition enhances convenience for traders participating in evaluation challenges, offering a widely used and trusted financial gateway.

The 5%ers

New Trading Instruments: The 5%ers, a stalwart in the prop trading realm, expanded its offerings by adding four new trading instruments. Traders can now engage with Bitcoin, Ethereum, US oil, and UK oil across all funding programs, providing diverse opportunities to capitalize on market movements.

Finotive Funding

Total Risk Limitations: To reinforce risk management practices, Finotive Funding implemented limitations on total risk for open positions across its funding programs. This strategic move is based on the previous day’s closing balance, ensuring a more controlled and secure trading environment for participating traders.

Alpha Capital Group

Partnership with ACG Markets: Alpha Capital Group solidified its standing in the industry by partnering with ACG Markets. Additionally, the firm obtained regulation and licensing from the Financial Services Authority in Sell, enhancing its credibility and regulatory compliance.

Crypto Fund Trader

  • Zen as a Withdrawal Method: Crypto Fund Trader introduced Zen as the latest withdrawal method, providing traders with additional options for secure and efficient fund withdrawals.
  • New Payment Methods: In a bid to cater to a broader audience, Crypto Fund Trader expanded its payment options with the inclusion of PayPal and Payop, offering diverse and convenient channels for financial transactions.

City Trader Imperium

Cryptocurrency Payment Method: City Trader Imperium took a step towards embracing modern financial trends by introducing a new payment method. Traders can now acquire funding programs through cryptocurrency payments, showcasing the firm’s adaptability to emerging market dynamics.

AquaFunded and Goat Funded Trader

Rise as a Withdrawal Processor: Both AquaFunded and Goat Funded Trader incorporated Rise as the latest withdrawal method. This strategic move aims to enhance the efficiency and speed of withdrawal processes, ensuring a seamless experience for traders.

Glow Node

Customized Funding Model by Glow Node: Glow Node has introduced a customized funding model for two-phase and one-phase evaluation models. This initiative comes with daily drawdown and maximum drawdown limitations, providing traders with a structured and risk-managed approach to the evaluation process. The integration of Rise as the latest withdrawal processor further streamlines fund withdrawals for Glow Node participants.


Swing Accounts by FunderPro: FunderPro rolled out Swing Accounts, allowing traders to maintain positions over weekends and during news events. This feature provides increased flexibility, catering to the needs of traders who prefer to retain positions during market closures.

Forex Capital Funds

Transition to ThinkMarkets: Forex Capital Funds has undergone a significant transition by migrating from Eightcap to ThinkMarkets within its brokerage structure. This move aims to enhance the overall trading experience for participants associated with Forex Capital Funds, offering improved trade execution and market access.

The Lux Trader Platform

The Lux Trader Platform: Lux Trading Firm has introduced The Lux Trader trading platform with MetaTrader5, providing traders with advanced tools for improved trade monitoring and management. This enhancement reflects Lux Trading Firm’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the trading industry.


In conclusion, the prop trading landscape witnessed substantial developments in December 2023, with firms like E8 Funding leading the way. These updates not only showcase the commitment of these prop firms to the success of their traders but also highlight the industry’s adaptability to emerging market trends.

As traders navigate the dynamic world of forex, staying informed about these developments is paramount for making informed decisions and maximizing trading opportunities.

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