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At Alpha Capital Group, the commitment goes beyond numbers; it’s about nurturing the potential within each trader. The firm extends funding opportunities of up to £2,000,000 for those traders who can showcase not just reactive market skills and risk management prowess but, most importantly, a consistent ability to generate profits.

Alpha Capital Group empowers investors with innovative financial solutions and unparalleled expertise.

In the bustling financial heart of London, UK, Alpha Capital Group emerges as a formidable force, standing at the forefront of proprietary trading. Led by the visionary CEO George Kohler, the firm is not merely a trading entity but a comprehensive platform that redefines the trader’s journey. Here, trading extends beyond transactions, encompassing a holistic approach that incorporates educational resources, market insights, mentoring, trading strategies, and cutting-edge custom-built technology.

At Alpha Capital Group, the commitment goes beyond numbers; it’s about nurturing the potential within each trader. The firm extends funding opportunities of up to £2,000,000 for those traders who can showcase not just reactive market skills and risk management prowess but, most importantly, a consistent ability to generate profits.

What sets Alpha Capital Group apart is its dedication to empowering traders at every level. The platform serves as a gateway to a wealth of resources, including educational videos, market insights, bespoke trading strategies, and one-on-one mentoring sessions. The integration of custom-built trading technology ensures that traders, regardless of their experience, find the support they need to embark on their journey, get funded, and ultimately join the ranks of Alpha Capital Group’s proprietary traders.

At Alpha Capital Group, it’s more than a trading journey; it’s a transformative experience guided by expertise, innovation, and a commitment to the success of every trader. Join the thriving community where trading becomes an art, and every trader has the potential to carve their path to financial success.

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Pathways to Choose: Crafting Your Journey to Financial Mastery

Alpha Capital Group introduces the Alpha Pro Challenge, a funding program allowing traders to manage account sizes ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. The platform offers various tiers under the Alpha Pro program, each tailored to accommodate traders at different experience levels and risk appetites.

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Alpha Pro Phase 1

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Alpha Pro Phase 2

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Alpha Pro Phase 1

In the initial phase of the evaluation process, traders opt for the Alpha Pro program, with tiered balances ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. Here’s a breakdown of Phase 1:

Max Trading Days: Participants enjoy an unlimited trading period, providing ample time to showcase their trading skills without time constraints.

Virtual Profit Target: Traders are set a virtual profit target ranging from $10,000 (5%) to $16,000 (8%), challenging them to demonstrate consistent profitability during the evaluation.

Virtual Performance Fee: This phase does not include a virtual performance fee, allowing traders to focus solely on meeting the profit target without deductions.

Max Drawdown: A 10% ($20,000) maximum drawdown limit ensures traders manage risks responsibly during Phase 1.

Max Daily Drawdown: Traders face a 5% maximum daily drawdown, encouraging risk management strategies.

Max Virtual Capital Growth: Participants can aim for virtual capital growth up to $2,000,000, providing an opportunity for substantial performance.

Minimum Trading Days: A requirement of 3 trading days adds structure to the evaluation process.

0% Commissions: Traders enjoy the benefit of zero commissions, enhancing their profit potential.

Trade Through News: Participants have the flexibility to trade through news events, showcasing their ability to navigate market volatility.

Hold Over The Weekend: Traders can hold positions over the weekend, adding an extra layer of complexity to the evaluation process.

Account Price: Traders commit to an account price of $997 for Phase 1, signaling their dedication to the evaluation process.

Alpha Pro Phase 2

Upon successful completion of Phase 1, traders progress to Phase 2, the Funded stage. Here are the key features of Phase 2:

Max Trading Days: Participants again enjoy an unlimited trading period, maintaining flexibility in their trading strategies.

Virtual Profit Target: A new virtual profit target is set, emphasizing sustained profitability at $10,000 (5%).

Virtual Performance Fee: Traders are now subject to an 80% virtual performance fee, aligning with the Funded stage’s profit-sharing structure.

Max Drawdown: The 10% ($20,000) maximum drawdown limit remains, reinforcing the importance of risk management.

Max Daily Drawdown: Traders continue to navigate with a 5% maximum daily drawdown.

Max Virtual Capital Growth: The opportunity to achieve virtual capital growth up to $2,000,000 persists into Phase 2.

Minimum Trading Days: A slightly increased requirement of 5 trading days adds a layer of consistency to the evaluation.

0% Commissions: Traders still benefit from zero commissions, maximizing their potential returns.

Trade Through News: The ability to trade through news events continues in Phase 2.

Hold Over The Weekend: Holding positions over the weekend remains a feature, challenging traders to manage their portfolios over extended periods.

Account Price: Traders do not face additional account pricing in Phase 2, as they transition from the evaluation to the funded stage.

Aquafunded’s two-phase evaluation process provides a comprehensive assessment of traders’ capabilities, emphasizing consistent profitability, risk management, and strategic decision-making. The structured approach allows traders to progress seamlessly from testing their skill sets to securing a funded account, unlocking opportunities for substantial capital growth and profit-sharing.

Account SizePricePhase 1 Profit TargetPhase 2 Profit TargetMaximum Daily LossMaximum LossMinimum Trading DaysMaximum Trading PeriodProfit Split
$5,000$508%5%5%10%3 Calendar DaysPhase 1: Unlimited, Phase 2: Unlimited80%
$10,000$978%5%5%10%3 Calendar DaysPhase 1: Unlimited, Phase 2: Unlimited80%
$25,000$1978%5%5%10%3 Calendar DaysPhase 1: Unlimited, Phase 2: Unlimited80%
$50,000$2978%5%5%10%3 Calendar DaysPhase 1: Unlimited, Phase 2: Unlimited80%
$100,000$4978%5%5%10%3 Calendar DaysPhase 1: Unlimited, Phase 2: Unlimited80%
$200,000$9978%5%5%10%3 Calendar DaysPhase 1: Unlimited, Phase 2: Unlimited80%

Why Choose Alpha Capital Group?

When you choose Alpha Capital Group, you’re not just selecting a trading platform; you’re unlocking a world of advantages that can redefine your trading journey. Let’s dive into the clear advantages that set Alpha Capital Group apart.

Unique Features and Evaluation Process

In a landscape where diversity is prevalent, Alpha Capital Group stands out by offering a single account type coupled with a distinctive two-step evaluation process. The firm’s commitment to an unlimited trading period, absence of commission fees, the allowance for the first withdrawal after a mere 14 days, and bi-weekly payouts contribute to its uniqueness.

Realistic Trading Objectives

The realism of obtaining Alpha Capital Group’s capital is underlined by modest profit targets, average maximum loss rules, and the absence of stringent maximum trading day requirements. The single funding program further simplifies the process, presenting realistic trading objectives and conditions for payouts.

Witnessing Success: Payment Proof

Traders at Alpha Capital Group experience tangible success with payouts becoming eligible after just 14 calendar days. Subsequent payouts follow every 14 days, providing a consistent stream of income. Proof of payments can be found on various platforms, including Trustpilot, Discord, and YouTube channels.

ACG Markets: The Broker Behind Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group operates on its proprietary brokerage, ACG Markets, utilizing the robust and widely recognized MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

Trading Instruments and Fees

ACG Markets allows traders access to a range of instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, and indices, with leverage reaching up to 1:100. Notably, there are no commission fees for forex, commodities, and indices.

Education at Alpha Capital Group

Alpha Capital Group goes beyond trading by providing valuable educational content through its Media section. Traders gain access to market previews, weekly recaps, and market roundups, fostering a continuous learning environment.

Supplementing the learning experience, Alpha Capital Group offers additional educational resources, including Autochartist and Trading Technology. Traders can explore these resources through a free trial option before embarking on the evaluation challenge.

Trader Dashboard

Alpha Capital Group ensures that its clients have the tools for effective risk management. The Trader Dashboard offers real-time updates and detailed statistics, empowering traders to make informed decisions.

Trustpilot Feedback

Alpha Capital Group’s commitment to transparency and trader satisfaction is evident in its Trustpilot rating of 4.6 out of 5, based on a substantial 1,133 reviews. Positive feedback highlights favorable trading conditions, absence of commissions, minimal slippage, substantial payouts, and overall transparency.


Thus, Alpha Capital Group stands as a beacon of innovation and support in the proprietary trading arena. Led by CEO George Kohler, the firm offers more than just funding; it provides a holistic platform with educational resources, market insights, mentoring, and advanced technology.

Traders, regardless of experience, find an empowering community where success is not just a goal but an ongoing journey. With funding opportunities up to £2,000,000, Alpha Capital Group is where traders transform their skills into financial success. Join a community that values growth, innovation, and the art of trading – choose Alpha Capital Group.

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