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Blue Guardian Review

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Blue Guardian is committed to assisting proficient and seasoned traders in harnessing their skills to their utmost potential, offering them the chance to obtain a funded trading account. This concept emerged from recognizing that achieving an advantage in financial markets demands both a finely honed trading strategy and an adequate initial capital foundation.

Blue Guardian stands as the beacon of reliability and success in the realm of prop trading, delivering unparalleled results and forging lasting partnerships.

Founded in 2019, Blue Guardian embarked on a journey with a vision to reshape the trading landscape. Originally conceived as a Forex Signal provider and education institution, the company’s evolution quickly led to a groundbreaking mission: to unearth skillful, experienced, and disciplined traders and equip them with the resources they need to excel.

Rooted in a set of unwavering values, Blue Guardian stands as a testament to its commitment to traders’ success. The core values drive the company to excel in customer service, ensuring that every partnered trader receives unparalleled support. A secure, honest, and transparent environment is cultivated, fostering a culture of trust and openness for all traders under the Blue Guardian umbrella.

At the heart of Blue Guardian’s mission is the aspiration to transform skillful and experienced traders into full potential achievers. Recognizing that succeeding in the financial market demands not just strategy but also ample capital, the company emerged with the purpose to identify and empower talented traders. Each trader is offered a helping hand, bringing them closer to financial freedom by securing a funded account.

The Blue Guardian team comprises former traders who understand the journey intimately, enabling them to define realistic expectations. The company rejects the notion that consistently high returns, as required by other prop firms, are the only indicator of success. Instead, the team has meticulously developed a model that caters to traders of all styles, offering them a genuine chance at achieving funded trader status.

With a foundation of values, a dedication to transparency, and a model that embraces diverse trading styles, Blue Guardian stands as a testament to trading done right. Choose Blue Guardian, and step into a world where potential is cultivated and talent finds its true potential. Your journey to trading excellence begins here.

Who is the CEO of Blue Guardian?

Blue guardian

As the CEO of Blue Guardian, Sean Baiton brings a wealth of trading expertise and substantial experience within the realm of proprietary trading firms. With a deep-rooted understanding of the proprietary trading industry, Sean provides a comprehensive spectrum of trading services, extending from signal provision to the innovative utilization of machine learning and quantitative analysis in the creation of advanced trading bots.

Under Sean’s adept guidance, Blue Guardian has meticulously devised a resilient strategy geared towards achieving both short and long-term objectives. He plays a central and instrumental role in shaping and executing the company’s overarching vision and mission, thereby making substantial contributions to its foundation and its successful realization.

Blue guardian

Pathways to Choose: Crafting Your Journey to Financial Mastery

In the realm of trading, where strategy meets opportunity, Blue Guardian beckons with a selection of distinct pathways, each offering a unique adventure towards financial mastery. As you embark on this journey, let’s delve into the pathways that await, each like a secret door leading to your own version of success.

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Unlimited Guardian Evaluation Program

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Elite Guardian Evaluation Program

Unlimited Guardian Evaluation Program

Blue guardian
$10,000 $87
$25,000 $187
$50,000 $297
$100,000 $497
$200,000 $947

Phase 1

Balance: $10,000

Minimum Trading Days: You are not required to trade a minimum number of days.

Profit Target: Achieve a profit of $800 (8%) to successfully complete Phase 1.

Maximum Loss: Your account should not incur losses exceeding $800 (8%).

Maximum Daily Loss: Limit daily losses to $400 (4%).

Account Leverage: You’ll have access to 1:100 maximum leverage.

Profit Split: Upon successful completion, you’ll receive an 85% profit split.

Refundable Fee: To start, there is a $87 refundable fee.

Phase 2

Balance: $25,000

Minimum Trading Days: Similar to Phase 1, there is no minimum trading day requirement.

Profit Target: In Phase 2, aim to achieve a profit of $400 (4%).

Maximum Loss: Maintain losses within $800 (8%) of your account balance.

Maximum Daily Loss: Continue to limit daily losses to $400 (4%).

Account Leverage: You’ll continue to enjoy 1:100 maximum leverage.

Profit Split: Your profit split remains at 85% for successful Phase 2 completion.

Refundable Fee: For Phase 2, the fee is waived, and it is free to participate.

Guardian Trader

Trading Period: Once you progress to the Guardian Trader stage, your trading period becomes unlimited.

Minimum Trading Days: There is no specified minimum trading day requirement for Guardian Traders.

Profit Target: As a Guardian Trader, there is no specific profit target.

Maximum Loss: Maintain your account within a maximum overall loss of $800 (8%).

Maximum Daily Loss: Continue to adhere to a maximum daily loss of $400 (4%).

Account Leverage: Leverage remains at 1:100 maximum.

Profit Split: Guardian Traders receive an 85% profit split for their successful trades.

Refundable Fee: Guardian Traders are eligible for a refund of the initial fee upon meeting the criteria.

The Unlimited Guardian Evaluation Program offers traders the opportunity to progress through different phases with varying profit targets and drawdown limits, providing an avenue to become a funded trader and access the profit split benefits.

Elite Guardian Evaluation Program

Blue guardian
$10,000 $120
$25,000 $240
$50,000 $370
$100,000 $570
$200,000 $1,090

Phase 1

Trading Period: Unlimited – You have ample time to prove your abilities and meet the criteria.

Minimum Trading Days: Trade actively for at least 5 days during this phase, demonstrating consistency.

Profit Target: Aim to achieve a profit of $800 (8%) based on your account balance, showcasing your profitable strategies.

Maximum Loss: Limit your maximum loss to $1,000 (10% of the account balance), emphasizing risk management.

Maximum Daily Loss: Ensure your daily loss does not exceed $400 (4%), promoting cautious trading.

Account Leverage: Utilize a maximum leverage of 1:50, managing risk and potential gains.

Profit Split: Receive 85% of the profits you earn, offering a substantial share of your successful trades.

Refundable Fee: Pay a one-time refundable fee of $120 to join, providing access to the program.

Phase 2

Trading Period: Similar to Phase 1, the trading period remains unlimited, allowing ongoing assessment.

Minimum Trading Days: Maintain a minimum of 5 active trading days, ensuring consistent engagement.

Profit Target: Target a profit of $400 (4%) in this phase, reinforcing your trading proficiency.

Maximum Loss: Keep your maximum loss at $1,000 (10% of the account balance), maintaining risk control.

Maximum Daily Loss: The daily loss should not exceed $400 (4%), emphasizing steady performance.

Account Leverage: Maintain a maximum leverage of 1:50, balancing risk and potential returns.

Profit Split: Continue receiving 85% of the profits you generate, rewarding your trading success.

Refundable Fee: No fee required in this phase (Free), offering a cost-free continuation.

Funded Trader

Trading Period: Trade indefinitely as a Guardian Trader, enjoying ongoing funding opportunities.

Minimum Trading Days: No specific minimum trading day requirement (X), providing flexibility.

Maximum Loss: Maintain a maximum loss of $1,000 (10% of the account balance), preserving risk management.

Maximum Daily Loss: Ensure your daily loss remains within $400 (4%), sustaining disciplined trading.

Account Leverage: Continue with a maximum leverage of 1:50, optimizing your trading strategies.

Profit Split: Receive 85% of the profits from your trading activities, earning substantial rewards.

Refundable Fee: Refundable fee applies for this stage, offering flexibility in managing your account.

Why Choose Blue Guardian?

In the intricate realm of trading, the choices you make can significantly influence your journey’s trajectory. Elevate your trading experience with Blue Guardian – a platform that offers more than just an opportunity; it’s a definitive advantage that sets the course for success. Here’s why Blue Guardian stands head and shoulders above the rest, offering traders an unprecedented edge.

Realism Redefined: Targets Within Reach

At the core of Blue Guardian’s ethos lies a commitment to realistic targets. With the most competitive and attainable profit targets in the market – set at 8% and 4% – we redefine what’s possible. These targets aren’t just numbers; they’re stepping stones to your trading aspirations, granting all traders an equitable chance to evolve into funded traders and progress confidently on their trading journey.

Unleash Your Potential: No Strings Attached

When Blue Guardian declares “no restrictions,” it’s a promise kept. We empower you to trade your way, with complete freedom. Utilize Expert Advisors (EAs), trade copiers, embrace news releases, and even hold trades over the weekend – the choice is yours. We’ve eliminated limits on lot sizes and even welcome martingale and hedging strategies. It’s your trading style, without boundaries.

Guardian of Your Equity: Safety First

Experience true risk management innovation with Blue Guardian’s built-in equity protector. Safeguard your trading capital by setting limits on your maximum daily loss. We’re pioneers in integrating risk management tools directly into our dashboard, giving you an added layer of protection while you navigate the markets.

Empowering Profitability: A Generous Share

Blue Guardian isn’t just about trading; it’s about your profits. We offer an industry-leading 85% profit split for our funded traders, surpassing the standard 80% in the market. But we don’t stop there. Our commitment extends beyond profitability. We provide refundable fees and set Evaluation parameters that are among the most competitive, making your journey to funding even more accessible.

Faster Rewards: Bi-Weekly Payouts

Time is a valuable resource, and we recognize that. With Blue Guardian, your rewards come sooner. Embrace bi-weekly payouts – receive your hard-earned profits every 14 days, providing you with a faster route to your first withdrawal and a more expedited path to success.


In conclusion, choosing Blue Guardian isn’t merely selecting a platform; it’s choosing an advantage that propels you forward. With realistic targets, unparalleled flexibility, innovative risk management, a generous profit split, and expedited payouts, Blue Guardian offers a comprehensive package that empowers traders like never before. Experience trading with an edge, redefine your expectations, and embark on a journey where success is inevitable. Choose Blue Guardian – where your advantage becomes your triumph. Your path to trading excellence begins here.

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