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Smart Prop Trader Review

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Smart Prop Trader’s ethos is the understanding that success in the proprietary trading sector demands a tailored approach. The platform was meticulously crafted by traders, specifically for traders, showcasing an in-depth comprehension of the desires and requirements unique to this niche. Smart Prop Trader stands as a dedicated partner, committed to assisting traders in achieving success within the Prop Firm sector.

Smart Prop Trader combines innovation and expertise, empowering tradersto thrive in dynamic markets with cutting-edge strategies and technology.

In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of proprietary trading, Smart Prop Trader emerges as a beacon of opportunity and guidance for aspiring traders. Under the seasoned leadership of CEO Blake Olson, a distinguished figure in finance and forex education, the firm has cultivated a professional team with over a decade of collective experience in the trading industry.

What distinguishes Smart Prop Trader from the rest is its unwavering commitment to flexibility, realistic funding programs, and a unique evaluation process. The firm positions itself as a trusted ally on the journey to traders’ success, embodying a set of values that echo through its operations.

At the core of Smart Prop Trader’s ethos is the understanding that success in the proprietary trading sector demands a tailored approach. The platform was meticulously crafted by traders, specifically for traders, showcasing an in-depth comprehension of the desires and requirements unique to this niche. Smart Prop Trader stands as a dedicated partner, committed to assisting traders in achieving success within the Prop Firm sector.

In a landscape where speed and execution are paramount, Smart Prop Trader distinguishes itself as one of the most expeditious payout-oriented prop firms available in the market. The firm takes pride in its ability to swiftly onboard traders into the team and ensure prompt payouts, reinforcing its dedication to supporting traders in their financial endeavors.

Transparency is a cornerstone of Smart Prop Trader’s operational philosophy. The firm believes in clarity, presenting plans with clear rules and devoid of any hidden regulations that could catch traders off guard. Recognizing the challenges of navigating the markets, Smart Prop Trader provides straightforward metrics to prevent any confusion, empowering traders to navigate their journey with confidence.

In essence, Smart Prop Trader stands as a comprehensive solution for traders seeking a prop firm that goes beyond transactional relationships. With its values rooted in trust, trader focus, speed, transparency, education, and unwavering support, Smart Prop Trader beckons traders to embark on a journey of success in the dynamic world of proprietary trading.

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Pathways to Choose: Crafting Your Journey to Financial Mastery

In the realm of trading, where strategy meets opportunity, Smart Prop Trader beckons with a distinct pathway offering a unique adventure towards financial mastery. As you set foot on the path to financial mastery with Smart Prop Trader, you’re faced with a tantalizing array of choices. This proprietary trading firm distinguishes itself with a dynamic approach, providing traders with a 2 step evaluation process:

  1. Challenge
  2. Verification

Let’s explore the key steps that participants undertake on their journey to becoming successful Smart Prop Traders.

Smart prop trader

Step 1: Challenge

The first step on this exciting journey involves taking on a challenge that is designed to be straightforward, allowing participants to concentrate on their trades. The program offers unlimited virtual maximum trading days and sets a minimum of 0 virtual trading days. Participants advance to the next stage upon successfully completing specific trading objectives.

Challenges and Account Selection

To kickstart the journey, participants choose their desired account size, ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. Each account comes with its own set of profit targets, ranging from $700 to $14,000, and corresponding virtual daily loss limits and maximum loss thresholds. All in all, the profit target for this step is 7%. The challenges are tailored to ensure that traders demonstrate proficiency at varying levels, preparing them for the responsibilities of handling larger accounts in subsequent stages.

Step 2: Verification

With the challenge successfully conquered, participants move on to the verification stage. Similar to the challenge stage, the verification process offers unlimited virtual maximum trading days and sets the minimum at 0 virtual trading days. Upon meeting the trading objectives, participants automatically upgrade to a fully virtual funded account.

Profit Targets and Risk Management

The second step introduces a profit target of 5%, accompanied by corresponding virtual daily loss limits and maximum loss thresholds. The focus on risk management is evident through these parameters, ensuring that participants not only aim for profits but also learn to mitigate potential losses effectively.

Successfully completing the verification stage elevates participants to the coveted status of a fully funded Smart Prop Trader. From here onwards, the journey involves consistently trading responsibly to qualify for an impressive profit split of up to 90%, with virtual account scaling up to a substantial $2.5 million.

Account SizeStep 1 Profit TargetStep 2 Profit TargetVirtual Daily Loss LimitVirtual Max LossProfit SplitLeverageRefundable Fee
$10,000$700 (7%)$500 (5%)$400$800Starting 85%, Scaling up to 90%up to 1:100$97
$25,000$1,750 (7%)$1,250 (5%)$1,000$2,000Starting 85%, Scaling up to 90%up to 1:100$197
$50,000$3,500 (7%)$2,500 (5%)$2,000$4,000Starting 85%, Scaling up to 90%up to 1:100$297
$100,000$7,000 (7%)$5,000 (5%)$4,000$8,000Starting 85%, Scaling up to 90%up to 1:100$497
$200,000$14,000 (7%)$10,000 (5%)$8,000$16,000Starting 85%, Scaling up to 90%up to 1:100$997

Thus, the evaluation stage of the Smart Prop Trader program offers a structured and progressive path for individuals seeking to elevate their trading careers. By mastering the challenges, meeting profit targets, and showcasing responsible trading practices, participants not only become fully funded Smart Prop Traders but also position themselves for success in the competitive world of professional trading. 

Embrace the challenges, refine your skills, and step confidently into the realm of Smart Prop Trading.

Why Choose Smart Prop Trader?

When you choose Smart Prop Trader, you’re not just selecting a trading platform; you’re unlocking a world of advantages that can redefine your trading journey. Let’s dive into the clear advantages that set Smart Prop Trader apart.

Tailored Virtual Accounts

Prospective traders have the liberty to select the Smart Prop Trader Virtual Account size that aligns seamlessly with their unique trading styles and requirements. The absence of restrictions on holding positions over the weekend or trading during macroeconomic news releases provides a flexible and accommodating trading environment.

Strategic Scaling Plan

Smart Prop Trader envisions long-term partnerships with its traders. By demonstrating consistency and profitability, traders benefit from a scaling plan that incrementally boosts their Smart Prop Trader Virtual Account balance by 25% every 3 months. Additionally, the Max draw sees a progressive increase of 2% every quarter, enhancing the growth potential for traders committed to success.

Risk-Free Exploration

For those still deliberating the suitability of Smart Prop Trader, the platform offers a risk-free avenue for exploration. The Free virtual account, mirroring the Smart Prop Trader Challenge, allows individuals to undergo the process at no cost, experiencing the same trading conditions before committing fully.

No Minimum Trading Day Requirements

Unlike some prop firms, Smart Prop Trader places no minimum trading day requirements on its traders. This flexibility allows traders to adapt their trading strategies according to market conditions without being constrained by arbitrary rules.

Maximum Drawdown Scaling

Smart Prop Trader acknowledges the importance of managing risk, incorporating a maximum drawdown scaling feature. Traders can navigate the markets with a greater sense of security, knowing that Smart Prop Trader has implemented measures to mitigate potential losses.

High Starting Profit Split

Smart Prop Trader starts traders off on the right foot with a high starting profit split of 85%. This generous split reflects the firm’s commitment to rewarding traders for their efforts from the very beginning.

Attainable Profit Targets

One of the key factors that make Smart Prop Trader an attractive choice for traders is its realistic profit targets. The Evaluation Challenge’s profit targets are set at levels that are challenging yet achievable, providing a balanced approach to performance expectations.

Flexible Trading Conditions

Smart Prop Trader stands out for its flexible trading conditions, allowing traders to navigate the markets with ease. The absence of stringent requirements and realistic profit targets makes obtaining capital from Smart Prop Trader a realistic and achievable goal.

Transparent Trading Fees

Traders at Smart Prop Trader benefit from transparent trading fees. This clarity ensures that traders can focus on their strategies without being surprised by hidden costs, fostering a more collaborative and transparent trading environment.

Proven Success on Trusted Platforms

Smart Prop Trader has garnered positive feedback from its trading community, with payment proof from traders who reached funded status available on platforms such as Trustpilot, Discord, YouTube, and Instagram. This transparency builds trust and confidence among aspiring traders considering Smart Prop Trader for their trading journey.

Strategic Partnership with Eightcap

Smart Prop Trader has established a strategic partnership with Eightcap, an ASIC-regulated broker based in Melbourne, Australia. This partnership adds an extra layer of credibility to Smart Prop Trader’s operations, aligning with the firm’s commitment to providing a secure and regulated trading environment.

Choice of Meta Trader Platforms

Traders at Smart Prop Trader have the flexibility to use either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. This choice caters to traders’ preferences and ensures compatibility with a wide range of trading strategies.

Trading Instruments and Leverage

Smart Prop Trader enables traders to diversify their portfolios by offering trading opportunities in various instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. With leverage available up to 1:100, traders can make the most of market opportunities while effectively managing their risk.

Transparent Profit Split Structure

Smart Prop Trader adopts a transparent profit split structure, ranging from 85% to 90% based on the generated profit. This straightforward approach ensures that traders are duly rewarded for their success, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the firm and its traders.

Education Focused Approach

An education-focused approach further sets Smart Prop Trader apart. The firm recognizes that the quality of education often distinguishes successful traders from unsuccessful ones. Smart Prop Trader endeavors to furnish traders with a comprehensive array of educational resources essential for advancing their trading careers.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Round-the-clock customer support stands as a testament to Smart Prop Trader’s commitment to trader success. The dedicated support team is readily available to address inquiries or concerns related to trader accounts. For an interactive experience, traders are encouraged to visit the firm’s Discord channel and initiate a support ticket, providing a direct line of communication with the team.


In conclusion, Smart Prop Trader epitomizes more than just a proprietary trading platform; it embodies a commitment to trader success and empowerment. Led by CEO Blake Olson and supported by a seasoned team with over ten years of industry experience, the firm distinguishes itself through flexibility, realistic funding programs, and a unique evaluation process.

Smart Prop Trader’s values, centered around trust, trader focus, speed, transparency, education, and customer support, create a holistic environment for traders to thrive. The firm’s dedication to providing tailored solutions, swift onboarding, transparent plans, and comprehensive educational resources positions it as a reliable partner on the journey to success within the proprietary trading sector.

Aspiring traders looking for a prop firm that goes beyond mere transactions find in Smart Prop Trader a beacon of opportunity and support. The platform’s unwavering commitment to fostering long-term relationships and facilitating the growth of its traders underscores its status as a trusted and dynamic player in the competitive world of proprietary trading. Smart Prop Trader invites traders to join a community where success is not just a goal but a shared journey.

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