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Return of The 5%ers Live Trading Room – Key Highlights

Return of The 5%ers Live Trading Room

Return of The 5%ers Live Trading Room – Key Highlights

In the dynamic realm of forex trading, continuous learning and real-time experiences can make a significant difference. The 5%ers, a pioneering forex proprietary trading firm, is making waves with the relaunch of its much-anticipated Live Trading Room. Led by Jonathan, the Content Lead at this prop firm, this return of The 5%ers Live Trading Room seeks to provide traders with an unparalleled opportunity to enhance their skills, gain insights, and engage with industry leaders.

Return of The 5%ers Live Trading Room

Starting January 8th, the Live Trading Room will be in session every Monday to Wednesday at 9:00 ET. This strategic timing ensures that traders from various time zones can participate and benefit from the live trading experience.

The 5%ers Live Trading Room boasts a stellar lineup of influential figures in the prop trading community. Traders will have the chance to learn from industry stalwarts such as Saul, CEO of The 5%ers; Michael, CEO of Trade The Pool; and Alex, Head of Support at The 5%ers.

The resurgence of The 5%ers Live Trading Room signifies not just a return but a reinvigoration of a platform committed to the growth and success of its traders. This event goes beyond the traditional boundaries of webinars and seminars, offering an immersive experience where traders can actively participate, trade live, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the trading scene, The 5%ers Live Trading Room promises valuable insights and real-time experiences. The commitment to inclusivity is evident as the event welcomes traders of all levels.

Key Highlights of The 5%ers Live Trading Room

  • Interactive Learning: Engage with industry leaders in real-time, posing questions and receiving insights on the spot.
  • Inclusivity: The Live Trading Room welcomes traders at all levels, fostering a diverse and collaborative community.
  • Real-Time Trading Opportunities: Experience live trading scenarios, gaining practical insights that transcend theoretical knowledge.
Return of the 5%ers live trading room

About The 5%ers

At the core of The 5%ers’ philosophy is a dedication to creating a collaborative and enriching environment for traders. The firm believes in empowering traders with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in the competitive world of forex trading.

  1. Algo Trading Allowed: The 5%ers recognizes the significance of algorithmic trading in today’s dynamic market. Traders have the freedom to leverage advanced algorithms to enhance their strategies and decision-making.
  2. Advanced Dashboard: The firm provides traders with an advanced dashboard, offering a comprehensive overview of their trading activities. This tool aids in analysis, allowing traders to make informed decisions based on real-time data.
  3. Live Trading Room for Clients: The reintroduction of the Live Trading Room showcases The 5%ers’ commitment to providing ongoing support and educational opportunities for its clients. This platform allows traders to engage with experts and learn from their experiences.
  4. One-Time Fee: The 5%ers adopts a transparent fee structure with a one-time fee model. This ensures that traders have a clear understanding of the costs associated with joining the platform, promoting trust and transparency.
  5. Instant Payouts, Upon Request: The firm recognizes the importance of timely payouts for its traders. With a commitment to providing financial flexibility, The 5%ers allows instant payouts upon request, facilitating a seamless trading experience.
  6. Real-Time Trading Notifications: Staying informed is key in the fast-paced world of forex trading. The 5%ers ensures that its traders receive real-time notifications, keeping them updated on market trends, opportunities, and potential risks.
  7. External Performance Statistics: Transparency is a core value at The 5%ers. Traders have access to external performance statistics, allowing them to evaluate the firm’s track record and make informed decisions about their participation.


In conclusion, The 5%ers Live Trading Room is back with a bang, bringing forth a unique blend of education, collaboration, and real-world trading experiences. As the forex community eagerly anticipates the return of this dynamic initiative, traders have the opportunity to join a community that values growth, transparency, and shared success.

Embrace the return of The 5%ers Live Trading Room, empower your trading journey, and witness firsthand why The 5%ers stands at the forefront of prop trading excellence.

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