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Unlocking Opportunities in Forex Trading with SurgeTrader 2-Phase Audition

SurgeTrader 2-Phase Audition

Unlocking Opportunities in Forex Trading with SurgeTrader 2-Phase Audition

In the dynamic world of Forex trading, aspiring traders often seek opportunities to explore funded trading accounts that offer a gateway to potential success. One such avenue that has garnered attention in recent times is the SurgeTrader 2-Phase Audition. This article delves into the intricacies of this trading program, examining its distinct phases, profit-sharing structure, and other essential features. Let’s explore how aspiring traders can harness the potential of SurgeTrader’s 2-Phase Audition to embark on their Forex trading journey.

Introducing SurgeTrader 2-Phase Audition: A Prop Firm with a Difference

Before delving into the specifics of SurgeTrader’s 2-Phase Audition, it’s imperative to understand the prop firm behind this offering. SurgeTrader is a proprietary trading firm that specializes in Forex trading. They provide traders with the unique opportunity to access funded trading accounts, thereby enabling them to trade the world’s largest financial market with greater financial flexibility.

The firm offers traders the chance to start with minimal capital, effectively reducing the barrier to entry for new and experienced traders alike. SurgeTrader’s key features include:

  • Profit Share: SurgeTrader’s profit-sharing model is particularly appealing. Traders have the opportunity to earn up to 90% of the profits, an attractive proposition for those who wish to maximize their earnings.
  • Profit Targets: The firm employs a two-phase approach, with different profit targets for each phase. In the first phase, traders aim to achieve an 8% profit, while in the second phase, the target is 5%.
  • Daily Loss Limit: SurgeTrader imposes a daily loss limit of 5%, which is essential for risk management.
  • Leverage: Leverage varies depending on the asset being traded. For FX and metals, traders can access a 50:1 leverage, while it’s 10:1 for oils and indices, 5:1 for individual stocks, and 2:1 for cryptocurrencies.
  • Max Fixed Drawdown: SurgeTrader’s max fixed drawdown is set at 8%, ensuring that traders can manage losses effectively.
  • Hold & Trade Through The Weekend: This feature allows traders to maintain their positions over the weekend, potentially capitalizing on market events during this period.
  • No Time Limits: SurgeTrader’s policy doesn’t restrict traders to specific trading hours, enabling flexibility in managing one’s trading activities.
Unlocking opportunities in forex trading with surgetrader 2-phase audition

Now that we have an overview of the prop firm, let’s dive into the heart of the matter: the SurgeTrader 2-Phase Audition.

The SurgeTrader 1-Phase and 2-Phase Audition: A Detailed Comparison

The SurgeTrader 2-Phase Audition program offers two distinct phases for traders to choose from: Phase 1 and Phase 2. Each phase comes with its own unique features and objectives.

1. 1-Phase Audition

  • Profit Share: Traders in Phase 1 can earn up to 90% of the profits, which is an attractive incentive for those aiming to maximize their earnings.
  • Profit Target: The profit target for Phase 1 is set at 10%, which is a bit higher compared to Phase 2.
  • Daily Loss Limit: As in the case of Phase 2, Phase 1 also imposes a daily loss limit of 5%, emphasizing the importance of risk management.
  • Leverage: In this phase, traders can access leverage of up to 20:1, making it a suitable option for those who prefer lower leverage.
  • Max Trailing Drawdown: SurgeTrader Phase 1 has a maximum trailing drawdown of 8%, enabling traders to manage their risk more effectively.
  • Hold & Trade Through The Weekend: Traders in Phase 1 can take advantage of this feature, allowing them to maintain positions over the weekend.
  • No Time Limits: SurgeTrader Phase 1 doesn’t restrict traders to specific trading hours, giving them flexibility in their trading activities.

2. 2-Phase Audition

  • Profit Share: The profit-sharing structure in Phase 2 remains identical to Phase 1, with traders having the potential to earn up to 90% of the profits.
  • Profit Targets: The primary distinction lies in the profit targets; in Phase 2, traders have to aim for an 8% profit in the first phase and a 5% profit in the second phase.
  • Daily Loss Limit: The daily loss limit in Phase 2 is consistent with Phase 1, set at 5%.
  • Leverage: Phase 2 offers a higher leverage of 50:1, providing traders with more leverage to execute their strategies effectively.
  • Max Fixed Drawdown: The max fixed drawdown in Phase 2 remains at 8%, allowing traders to control their losses.
  • Hold & Trade Through The Weekend: As with Phase 1, traders in Phase 2 can hold positions over the weekend.
  • No Time Limits: SurgeTrader Phase 2 also maintains a flexible trading policy with no time restrictions.
Unlocking opportunities in forex trading with surgetrader 2-phase audition


The SurgeTrader 2-Phase Audition presents a unique opportunity for aspiring Forex traders to access funded accounts with varying features tailored to different trading preferences. With a profit-sharing model that can reach up to 90% and specific profit targets for each phase, traders have the flexibility to choose the path that aligns with their trading goals. While Phase 1 offers lower leverage and a higher profit target, Phase 2 provides increased leverage and a two-phase profit approach. The choice between the two phases ultimately depends on individual risk tolerance and trading style. Whichever phase a trader chooses, SurgeTrader’s commitment to flexibility and risk management ensures that they can navigate the Forex market with confidence.

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