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Dominating SurgeTrader October Trading Contest 2023: Unleash Your Potential

SurgeTrader October Trading Contest

Dominating SurgeTrader October Trading Contest 2023: Unleash Your Potential

SurgeTrader, a prominent name in the forex industry, is set to host its highly anticipated event – SurgeTrader October Trading Contest. This competition promises not only prestige but also substantial rewards for skilled traders. In this article, we delve into the contest’s details, rules, and the enticing prizes awaiting participants.

Registration is Now Open!

The countdown has begun, and registration is officially open for the SurgeTrader October Trading Contest. Here’s your chance to showcase your trading prowess and compete with some of the finest traders from around the globe.

Key Information at a Glance:

  • Contest Period: October 23 at 04:01 UTC to October 27 at 21:00 UTC.
  • Prizes:
    1. Top Prize: $100,000 Audition Account + $1,000 Cash
    2. Second Prize: $50,000 Audition Account
    3. Third Prize: $25,000 Audition Account
Surgetrader october trading contest

Contest Rules and Eligibility

Before diving into this thrilling contest, it’s crucial to understand the rules and ensure eligibility.

Binding Agreement

By participating in the contest, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

How to Participate

To be eligible:

  • You should be over eighteen years of age or over the age of maturity in your jurisdiction.
  • Residents from countries other than OFAC-sanctioned countries are eligible.
  • Participants must not have been previously banned from SurgeTrader’s Audition process.
  • Prize winners must be willing to permit their username and trading record for the Contest to be published and/or distributed by SurgeTrader.

Contest Period and Registration

  • The Contest will run from October 23 at 04:01 UTC to October 27 at 21:00 UTC.
  • Registration is available at any time until the start of the Contest.
  • Upon registration, login instructions will be sent to the participant’s email address.
  • Only one account per participant per contest is permitted. Multiple accounts will result in disqualification.

Winner Selection

The heart of the competition lies in how the winners are determined.

Judging Criteria

Traders will be judged based on the highest returns at the end of the contest period, after liquidation.

Contest Rules

Participants are expected to adhere to the following rules:

  1. 5% Daily Loss Limit: This limit is based on the previous day’s end of day balance and resets at 5PM EST each day.
  2. 8% Maximum Trailing Drawdown: The initial level is set at 8% from the starting balance of your account. This level can be adjusted based on your account’s performance.
  3. Prohibited Trading: Certain trading strategies are expressly prohibited by TF Global Markets Int Limited (d/b/a ThinkMarkets, the “Broker”). These include exploiting errors, utilizing non-public information, front-running, and more.

Liability and General Conditions

Understanding the legal and general aspects of the contest is essential.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SurgeTrader from any liability arising from your participation.

General Conditions

  • SurgeTrader reserves the right to withdraw participation if any breach of these Terms and Conditions is suspected.
  • The company may cancel or reverse prizes if awarded in error.
  • SurgeTrader can alter, amend, modify, suspend, or terminate the contest at its discretion.


With the stakes high and excitement building, SurgeTrader October Trading Contest promises an exhilarating experience for forex enthusiasts. Remember, participation in this contest is not only an opportunity for lucrative rewards but also a chance to showcase your trading acumen on a global stage. Register now and gear up for an unforgettable competition!

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