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Exciting Updates for Traders: TFT New Updates For US & Non-US Traders

TFT New Updates For US & Non-US Traders

Exciting Updates for Traders: TFT New Updates For US & Non-US Traders

In the dynamic world of trading, staying updated with platform upgrades and transitions is crucial for traders’ success. Recently, significant updates have been announced by The Funded Trader (TFT), particularly concerning U.S. and non-U.S. traders.

This article delves into the details of TFT new updates For US & Non-US Traders and how these updates aim to elevate your trading experience, providing enhanced platforms and seamless transitions.

Key Highlights of TFT New Updates For US & Non-US Traders

DXtrade Platform Upgrade for U.S. Traders

For U.S. traders affiliated with TFT, a significant platform upgrade is on the horizon. The transition to DXtrade, scheduled for February 28th, promises a more versatile and robust trading environment. This upgrade marks a strategic move by TFT to enhance the trading experience for its U.S. clientele.

Important Deadlines

U.S. traders must adhere to crucial deadlines to ensure a smooth transition to the new DXtrade platform. All trades must be closed by February 26th, 4 PM EST, as account access concludes at this time. Compliance with these deadlines is imperative to facilitate a seamless transition without disruptions to trading activities.

Seamless Transition

On February 27th, accounts of U.S. traders will transition seamlessly to DXtrade. Importantly, this transition will retain the same balance and accessible trading history, ensuring continuity and ease of operation for traders.

Platform Flexibility for Non-U.S. Traders

In contrast to the platform upgrade for U.S. traders, non-U.S. traders affiliated with TFT enjoy the flexibility to choose their preferred platform. Through the Live Chat feature, non-U.S. traders can indicate their platform preferences in alignment with TFT’s terms of use, ensuring a tailored trading experience.

New Purchases for U.S. Customers

With the platform transition, U.S. customers will witness changes in the purchasing landscape. Challenges purchased with U.S. IP addresses or billing addresses will seamlessly transition to DXtrade. Notably, Platform 5 will no longer be available for purchase in the USA, reflecting TFT’s strategic decisions to align with regulatory requirements and enhance trading opportunities.

Payout Requests Deadline

U.S. traders are reminded of the deadline for payout requests, set for February 26th, 4 PM EST. Any payout requests initiated after this deadline will be rejected. However, funds will be promptly credited back to the account, ensuring financial security and transparency for traders.

Exciting updates for traders: tft new updates for us & non-us traders

About The Funded Trader

Founded with the vision of empowering traders to succeed in challenging market conditions, The Funded Trader has established itself as a premier prop trading firm. The Funded Trader is renowned for its commitment to supporting passionate and skilled traders in navigating the unpredictable financial markets.

With a focus on providing substantial capital, flexible account management, and generous profit splits, The Funded Trader stands out as a trusted partner for traders seeking to elevate their trading careers. TFT offers the opportunity to manage substantial account sizes of up to $400,000 and provides impressive profit splits of up to 90%. This prop firm stands as a beacon for traders seeking both flexibility and potential for significant profits.


In conclusion, TFT new updates For US & Non-US Traders underscore the firm’s commitment to empowering traders with cutting-edge platforms, seamless transitions, and lucrative opportunities. By prioritizing the needs of both U.S. and non-U.S. traders, TFT solidifies its position as a prop firm dedicated to fostering trader success in diverse market conditions.

Whether navigating platform upgrades or seizing new opportunities, TFT continues to stand as a beacon for traders seeking growth, profitability, and flexibility in their trading journey. With its robust support and innovative solutions, TFT remains a trusted partner for traders worldwide, driving towards mutual success and prosperity in the dynamic world of trading.

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