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Introducing TFT Unlimited Trading Days for All Challenges

TFT Unlimited Trading Days for All Challenges

Introducing TFT Unlimited Trading Days for All Challenges

In a groundbreaking move within the world of prop trading, The Funded Trader has announced the introduction of TFT Unlimited Trading Days for All Challenges. This significant shift reflects a commitment to enhancing the trader experience, fostering skill development, and providing a platform for sustainable trading practices.

Gone are the days of time pressure associated with evaluation challenges; traders now have the flexibility to navigate their journeys at their own pace, aligned with their individual learning curves and trading styles.

Key Highlights of TFT Unlimited Trading Days for All Challenges

The introduction of Unlimited Trading Days marks a significant milestone in the evolution of prop trading. By prioritizing the needs of its traders and embracing innovation, The Funded Trader sets a new standard for excellence in the industry. This move not only reflects the firm’s commitment to fostering skill development and sustainable trading practices but also positions it as a leader in prop trading innovation.

Eliminating Time Constraints

The decision to implement Unlimited Trading Days signifies a departure from traditional evaluation challenge structures, where traders were often constrained by rigid time frames. By removing these constraints, The Funded Trader empowers traders to approach challenges with confidence, knowing they have the time needed to hone their skills and strategies effectively.

This move not only supports skill development but also encourages traders to adopt sustainable trading practices, free from the stress of arbitrary deadlines.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Adaptability

The introduction of Unlimited Trading Days underscores The Funded Trader’s dedication to pioneering advancements in prop trading. This commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability sets the firm apart in an industry characterized by rapid change and innovation.

By listening to the needs of its traders and responding with innovative solutions, The Funded Trader demonstrates its proactive approach to fostering success within its community.

Enhanced Trader Experience

Traders can now navigate evaluation challenges with a newfound sense of flexibility and confidence. Whether they prefer to trade aggressively or take a more conservative approach, the absence of time constraints allows traders to tailor their strategies to their unique preferences and market conditions.

This flexibility not only enhances the overall trader experience but also promotes a culture of empowerment and autonomy within the trading community.

Introducing tft unlimited trading days for all challenges

About The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader is a leading prop trading firm known for its innovative approach to trader development and success. With a focus on empowering traders to achieve their full potential, the firm offers a range of evaluation challenges designed to cultivate skill and expertise. Key features of The Funded Trader include:

  • No Maximum Trading Day Requirements: Traders have the flexibility to trade at their own pace without restrictions on the number of trading days.
  • Scaling Plan: The firm offers a scaling plan that allows traders to progress to higher funding levels as they demonstrate consistent profitability.
  • First Payout After 7 Days with Knight & Dragon Challenge: Traders participating in the Knight & Dragon Challenge can receive their first payout within just seven days, providing immediate rewards for successful trading.
  • Weekly & Bi-weekly Payouts: Traders have the option to receive payouts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, providing flexibility to align with their financial goals.
  • Profit Share of 75% up to 95% (Depending on the Challenge): Traders can earn a profit share ranging from 75% to 95%, depending on the specific evaluation challenge and performance metrics.
  • Overnight Holding Allowed: The firm permits overnight holding, allowing traders to capitalize on opportunities in global markets without time restrictions.


The introduction of TFT Unlimited Trading Days for All Challenges represents a significant leap forward for prop trading. By prioritizing trader experience and fostering a culture of adaptability and continuous improvement, the firm sets a new standard for excellence in the industry. With a commitment to empowering traders and pioneering innovative solutions, The Funded Trader solidifies its position as a leader in prop trading innovation and success.

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