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The Funded Trader Company Update – Latest News & Developments

The Funded Trader Company Update

The Funded Trader Company Update – Latest News & Developments

In this latest The Funded Trader company update, important announcements and updates are shared with the trading community. Whether you’re new to trading or a seasoned trader, understanding these updates is crucial for navigating your journey in the trading world. Let’s dive into the details of the recent developments and what they mean for traders.

Key Highlights of The Funded Trader Company Update

Account Distribution and Payout Update

The Funded Trader is actively working on distributing accounts and processing payouts to ensure all traders are promptly attended to. Here’s a summary of what’s happening:

Account Distribution Summary:

  • $5,000 and $10,000 Accounts: The company is currently distributing accounts with values of $5,000 and $10,000, which account for 45% of the owed trader accounts. Traders who hold these accounts should expect to receive their coupons to begin their new trading challenges.
  • Tiered Approach: To ensure a smooth transition for all traders, The Funded Trader is adopting a tiered approach. For inactive and breached accounts, a thorough analysis is being conducted to ensure affected traders receive the necessary coupons. A new ticket type is also being added to the help center to escalate issues to the appropriate team.

Payout Summary:

  • 25% Processed: The company has already processed 25% of the owed payouts. Traders expecting payouts should check their email for updates.
  • Tiered Approach: Payouts are being sent out using a tiered approach to provide a seamless experience for all customers. A new ticket type for payout inquiries will be added to the help center. Traders awaiting payouts will receive their free coupons only after their payouts are completely cleared. Prioritization is given to trader payouts over affiliate payouts.
The funded trader company update - latest news & developments

A Message of Hope and Commitment to Change

Recognizing the impact recent events have had on the trading community, The Funded Trader is committed to positive change. Here’s what they’re doing:

  • Charitable Causes: All proceeds, apart from operational costs, will now be directed towards charitable causes. This decision reflects the company’s dedication to enhancing user experience and supporting the community. The primary mission is to ensure the community has access to the best opportunities, and the company is determined to give back in meaningful ways.
  • Restoring Trust: The Funded Trader acknowledges any inconvenience or distress traders may have experienced and is fully committed to restoring trust and delivering on promises. Your support and understanding during this time are invaluable, and the company is hopeful for a brighter future ahead.


In conclusion, The Funded Trader’s recent updates and announcements signify their dedication to serving the trading community. By prioritizing account distribution, payouts, and positive change, the company aims to enhance user experience and support traders every step of the way.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to their team for assistance. Stay tuned for further updates as The Funded Trader continues to evolve and grow.

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