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The Funded Trader Trading Platforms Update: Adapting for Enhanced Trading Experiences

The Funded Trader Trading Platforms Update

The Funded Trader Trading Platforms Update: Adapting for Enhanced Trading Experiences

In the ever-evolving landscape of forex trading, The Funded Trader (TFT) stands as a prominent prop firm, dedicated to empowering traders and facilitating their journey towards financial success. The Funded Trader Trading Platforms Update reflects the firm’s commitment to adapting and optimizing its services for its trading community. Let’s delve into the details of this notable change and explore the new possibilities it brings for traders.

Key Highlights of The Funded Trader Trading Platforms Update

TFT has always been at the forefront of adapting to market dynamics and technological advancements. Known for its innovative approach and commitment to trader support, TFT recently made a strategic decision regarding its trading platforms, aiming to provide an even more robust trading experience for its community.

Farewell to Eightcap MT4 and MT5

In a move reflecting TFT’s commitment to staying ahead in the industry, the firm bids adieu to Eightcap MT4 and MT5 as trading platform options. This decision, effective immediately, comes after two years of collaboration with Eightcap, during which TFT appreciates the support received.

While existing traders with active Eightcap accounts can continue their journey through the funded phase, TFT emphasizes the necessity of transitioning to an alternative platform if changing account types. This strategic shift is driven by TFT’s overarching goal to better cater to the evolving needs of its trading community.

Introducing New Trading Platforms

ThinkMarkets, Purple Trading SC, and Blueberry Markets

Embracing innovation, TFT introduces two new trading platform options: ThinkMarkets MT4 and MT5, and Purple Trading SC MT4 and MT5. These platforms promise improved server support, enhancing the overall trading experience for TFT’s community.

Highlighting the shift towards the future, TFT announces its exclusive transition to MT5 across all platform options by the end of February. This decision is rooted in MT5’s soaring popularity, advanced features, and seamless integration with backend technology, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient trading environment.

As part of this evolution, Blueberry Markets MT5 is introduced as a new platform option. This addition expands the array of choices available to TFT traders, offering new possibilities and strategies for financial growth.

Onboarding DXTrades

In line with TFT’s commitment to diversity and choice, DXTrades is welcomed as an alternative platform, taking precedence over CTrader. While CTrader remains on the roadmap for future offerings, DXTrades is positioned as a strategic choice to enhance the trading options available within the TFT community.

PlatformKey Features
ThinkMarkets MT4 and MT5Improved server support
Purple Trading SC MT4/MT5Enhanced trading experience
Blueberry Markets MT5Expanded trading possibilities
DXTradesAlternative platform with strategic priority

The Road Ahead: A Seamless Transition for Enhanced Trading

Amidst these changes, TFT remains steadfast in its commitment to trader success. The transition to new trading platforms is carefully orchestrated to ensure minimal disruption to ongoing trades and to provide a seamless experience for TFT traders.

The funded trader trading platforms update: adapting for enhanced trading experiences

About The Funded Trader

TFT’s commitment shines through as it offers unwavering support in navigating the unpredictable terrain of the forex market. Delve into the unique features that make TFT a formidable ally for traders looking to thrive and prosper.

  • Navigating Unpredictable Markets:
    • TFT stands out by providing comprehensive support in unpredictable market conditions. This involves strategies and resources to help traders adapt and thrive in the ever-changing forex landscape.
  • Opportunity for Substantial Profits:
    • TFT opens the door to significant financial gains for traders. By leveraging their expertise and the resources provided by TFT, traders have the chance to capitalize on profitable opportunities.
  • Account Management Up to $400,000:
    • Traders under TFT’s wing can manage substantial account sizes, reaching up to $400,000. This scalability empowers traders to take on varied challenges and capitalize on diverse market scenarios.
  • Profit Splits Up to 90%:
    • One of TFT’s standout features is its generous profit-sharing model. Traders can enjoy profit splits of up to 90%, aligning TFT’s success with the success of its traders.
  • Commitment to Trader Success:
    • TFT’s overarching commitment is to the success of its traders. This involves not just financial support but also a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures growth, skill development, and resilience.
  • Formidable Ally in Forex Landscape:
    • Positioned as a formidable ally, TFT’s unique combination of financial backing, support services, and profit-sharing sets it apart in the competitive forex landscape. Traders can find in TFT not just a platform but a strategic partner in their journey to success.


In conclusion, The Funded Trader Trading Platforms Update marks a significant chapter in TFT’s journey. As the prop firm adapts to changing market dynamics, it ensures that its community of traders receives the best tools and resources for success. The introduction of new platforms, the exclusive transition to MT5, and the strategic onboarding of DXTrades showcase TFT’s dedication to innovation and trader empowerment.

The future at TFT looks promising, with a commitment to staying at the forefront of the forex trading landscape. As traders embrace these changes, TFT stands as a reliable partner in their quest for financial success.

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