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True Forex Funds Discount for US Traders 2024

True Forex Funds Discount for US Traders 2024

True Forex Funds Discount for US Traders 2024

True Forex Funds stands as a beacon of support for traders navigating the intricate landscape of proprietary trading. True Forex Funds remains unwavering in its commitment to offering stability and innovative solutions, particularly for traders facing the unique complexities of the US markets. Let’s delve into the details of True Forex Funds discount for US traders, highlighting the firm’s dedication to excellence and a limited-time discount designed to empower US traders.

Key Highlights of True Forex Funds Discount for US Traders

As a response to the limitations confronted by US traders, True Forex Funds has introduced a limited-time offer of a 20% discount on all its challenges. This strategic move aims to empower traders by significantly reducing costs, providing them with a unique opportunity to engage in prop trading without breaking the bank.

This exclusive discount is applicable until January 17, offering a time-sensitive window for traders to capitalize on reduced fees. This offer underlines the firm’s dedication to supporting traders in overcoming barriers and achieving their financial goals.

Seize the Opportunity

True Forex Funds extends a warm invitation to traders, urging them to join the firm on its growth journey. By availing themselves of the exclusive 20% discount using the code USA20, traders can experience enhanced trading opportunities with a prop firm dedicated to their success.

Details about True Forex Funds’ offerings, including the diverse challenges available, can be found on the firm’s official website. Traders are encouraged to explore the range of options and discover how True Forex Funds can align with their unique trading aspirations.

About True Forex Funds

Operating across three distinct jurisdictions, True Forex Funds positions itself as a leading player in the prop trading industry. The firm’s mission is clear: to provide stability and diverse trading options, especially tailored for traders navigating the challenging US markets.

  • Reliability and Customer Satisfaction: True Forex Funds distinguishes itself by prioritizing reliability and customer satisfaction. In a world where trust is paramount, the firm positions itself as a prop trading entity dedicated to excellence. The focus on customer-centric approaches ensures that traders engaging with True Forex Funds can do so with confidence, knowing their aspirations are in capable hands.
  • Adapting to Change: True Forex Funds thrives on its commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and adaptability. In a market characterized by uncertainties, the firm remains resolute in its mission to ensure traders worldwide have access to tailored options. This commitment is particularly evident in the face of industry shifts, with the firm consistently adapting to changing conditions.
  • Join the Journey: The call to action is clear—True Forex Funds invites traders to join them on their growth journey. Beyond the exclusive discount, the firm promises a collaborative and supportive environment for traders to thrive. True Forex Funds becomes more than a trading platform; it transforms into a partner in each trader’s success story.


In conclusion, True Forex Funds stands as a testament to resilience and innovation in the prop trading industry. As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, the firm adapts, offering stability and unique solutions. The exclusive 20% discount for US traders is not just a promotion; it’s a commitment to empowering traders to overcome challenges and reach new heights in their trading journeys.

True Forex Funds invites traders to not just be participants but active partners in their growth story. As the industry transforms, this prop trading firm remains dedicated to providing a reliable and customer-centric platform where traders can thrive. True Forex Funds’ message is clear—navigate the forex landscape with confidence, supported by a prop trading firm that values your success.

Unlock Your Trading Potential with True Forex Funds

Ready to take your trading to the next level? Get started with True Forex Funds and start your trading journey on the right foot.

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