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True Forex Funds October 2023 Statistics: A Glimpse into Success

True Forex Funds October 2023 Statistics

True Forex Funds October 2023 Statistics: A Glimpse into Success

In the dynamic world of forex trading, staying ahead of the curve requires not only skill but also a supportive and transparent environment. True Forex Funds, a pioneering prop firm, has carved its niche by fostering a thriving community of traders. Let’s delve into the True Forex Funds October 2023 statistics, highlighting the firm’s dedication, transparency, and outstanding performance.

Key Highlights of True Forex Funds October 2023 Statistics

October Payouts: $3,278,428.33

True Forex Funds lived up to its commitment to reward and support its traders in October 2023. The total Funded Accounts Payouts for the month amounted to an impressive $3,278,428.33. This reflects not only the success of individual traders but also the firm’s commitment to providing a lucrative platform for its community.

Highest Payout: $36,587.50

A standout achievement in October was the Highest Payout of $36,587.50. This remarkable feat underscores the potential for substantial earnings within the True Forex Funds community.

Number of Payouts: 1147

With a significant Number of Payouts reaching 1147, True Forex Funds has consistently demonstrated its ability to reward a large number of traders. This expansive reach emphasizes the inclusive nature of the platform.

Average Payouts: $2,858.52

Maintaining fairness in reward distribution, True Forex Funds ensured that the Average Payouts remained a respectable $2,858.52. This transparent approach is a testament to the firm’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all traders.

Most Traded Pairs: Gold & US30

In terms of trading preferences, the Most Traded Pairs on the True Forex Funds platform during October were Gold & US30. Understanding the popular choices among traders is crucial for both the firm and its community.

True forex funds october 2023 statistics: a glimpse into success

October Statistics and True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds stands out for its unwavering dedication to cultivating a thriving trader community. The October 2023 statistics are not just numbers; they represent the collective success of individuals who have found a supportive home in this prop trading firm.

  • Transparent and Fair Reward Distribution: Transparency is at the core of True Forex Funds’ ethos. The October statistics showcase a commitment to Transparent and Fair Reward Distribution, a crucial factor that sets the firm apart in an industry where transparency is often elusive.
  • Individual Achievement with the Highest Payout: The mention of the Highest Payout of $36,587.50 isn’t just a statistical highlight; it’s a celebration of individual success within the True Forex Funds community. The firm provides an environment where traders can aspire to achieve remarkable milestones.
  • Ongoing Opportunities for Community Excellence: True Forex Funds doesn’t rest on its laurels. The October success story is a chapter in an ongoing narrative of excellence. The firm is committed to providing Ongoing Opportunities for its community to excel, ensuring a continuous evolution of skills and profitability.

About True Forex Funds: Empowering Traders

True Forex Funds, a leader in the prop trading landscape, goes beyond just numbers. Here’s a glimpse into what sets this firm apart:

  • Free Retries for Evaluation Phases: True Forex Funds understands the importance of trial and error in trading. With Free Retries during evaluation phases, the firm encourages traders to learn and grow without unnecessary pressure.
  • Unlimited Trading on Limitless Funding: In a truly empowering move, True Forex Funds offers Unlimited Trading on its Limitless Funding program. This eliminates constraints, allowing traders to explore their full potential.
  • No Minimum Trading Days on Quick Funding: Quick Funding at True Forex Funds comes with the freedom of No Minimum Trading Days. This flexibility caters to different trading styles, recognizing that success in forex doesn’t always adhere to a rigid schedule.
  • Leverage: 1:100: With a Leverage of 1:100, True Forex Funds provides traders with the tools to amplify their positions, enhancing the potential for profitable trades.
  • Profit Share: 80%: True Forex Funds stands out in its generosity, offering traders a remarkable Profit Share of 80%. This industry-leading share reflects the firm’s commitment to rewarding its community.
  • Overnight and Weekend Holding Allowed: Acknowledging the global nature of forex markets, True Forex Funds allows traders to hold positions Overnight and During Weekends, providing flexibility to adapt to various market conditions.
  • News Trading Allowed: Embracing diverse trading styles, True Forex Funds places no restrictions on News Trading. Traders can navigate the markets based on their strategies, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive trading environment.
  • No Regulations on Trading Style: True Forex Funds believes in the diversity of trading approaches. The firm imposes No Regulations on Trading Style, allowing traders the freedom to express their unique strategies.


In conclusion, True Forex Funds stands tall as a beacon of success in the world of prop trading. True Forex Funds October 2023 statistics not only reflect the firm’s commitment to transparency and fairness but also celebrate the individual achievements of its traders. As the firm continues to provide ongoing opportunities for community excellence, it solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the industry. For traders seeking empowerment, support, and a platform where success thrives, True Forex Funds is undoubtedly a leading choice.

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