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Accelerate Growth with Game-Changing 1 Step Evaluation Process

Proprietary trading, a cornerstone of financial markets, offers traders a unique avenue to leverage their expertise and capital for substantial gains. Unlike traditional retail trading, it provides access to significant pools of capital, amplifying profit potential. This blog evaluates two distinguished prop trading firms: The Funded Trader and My Flash Funding.

By dissecting their offerings and strengths, we aim to equip traders with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. This blog serves as a guide for traders entering the world of proprietary trading. We aim to provide a roadmap for making a well-informed choice among the myriad of prop trading firms.

Our evaluation offers a balanced perspective, empowering you to navigate these options with confidence.

Join us as we explore these prominent firms, taking the first step towards a prosperous trading future.

The Funded Trader

Phase 1 is the initial evaluation phase, designed to test your trading skills in a simulated environment.

Achieve a virtual profit target while adhering to specified rules.

Simulates real market conditions with latency and static slippage based on order size.

Knight Challenge Step 1

The inaugural step, the TFT Challenge, is your gateway into the Knight Challenge, setting the stage for your ascent:

Trading Period
The Knight Challenge offers an unlimited trading period, granting you the freedom to navigate the markets at your own pace.
Minimum Trading Days
True to The Funded Trader’s ethos, no minimum trading days are imposed, allowing you to align your strategy with your comfort.
Challenge Leverage
A leverage ratio of 1:30 empowers you to harness market opportunities with precision and insight.
Profit Target
Aim for a profit target of $20,000 (10%), showcasing your capacity to capitalize on market movements.
Maximum Loss:
Prudent risk management prevails with a maximum loss ceiling of $12,000 (6%).
Maximum Daily Loss
A daily safeguard of $6,000 (3%) underlines the importance of consistency.
Expert Advisors
The prowess of expert advisors is at your disposal, aiding you in making informed trading decisions.
Drawdown Type
Relative drawdown preserves balance, aligning with The Funded Trader’s commitment to strategic growth.
Profit Split
Just as in other challenges, a customizable profit split allows you to structure your earnings to reflect your achievements.
First Withdrawal
A milestone marked, the first withdrawal becomes available after a mere 7 days of trading success.
Refundable Fees
An investment of $939 USD opens the gateway to the Knight Challenge, reflecting The Funded Trader’s belief in your potential.

Forex Prop Firm

The 1-Step Challenge Phase 1 serves as the inaugural stage of evaluation. Success in this phase demands strict adherence to the trading plan and effective risk management. Upon meeting the trading objectives and demonstrating proficiency, traders receive their Funded Account, marking the continuation of their trading journey.

Achieve a virtual profit target of 10% with no specified time limit.

Successful candidates gain access to the FPF funded account with a 90% profit split, which can potentially increase up to 100% based on performance.

One Step Model Evaluation Process

Begin your Forex Prop Firm journey with the FPF 1 Step Challenge, where you lay the foundation for a rewarding trading future.

100% Refundable Fee
Begin your journey with confidence, as your fee is entirely refundable.
Account Range
Choose from account sizes ranging between 25K to 200K, tailoring your experience to your aspirations.
Profit Target
Set your sights on a 10% profit target, a testament to your trading acumen.
Overall Drawdown
Safeguard your capital with an overall drawdown limit of 6%.
Daily Drawdown
Exercise prudent risk management with a daily drawdown limit of 4%.
Minimum Trading Days
Showcase your commitment with a minimum of trading days.
Maximum Trading Days
Embrace flexibility with no time limit on trading, allowing you to seize opportunities.
Utilize the powerful MT4 and MT5 platforms to navigate the financial markets.
Trading Restrictions
Enjoy the freedom to trade without specific restrictions, giving you room to explore.
Profit Split During Evaluation
Reap the rewards of your success with a profit split of 90% during the evaluation phase.
EA’s, Signals, Overnight & Weekend
Utilize EA’s, signals, and hold positions overnight and over the weekend to enhance your strategies.
Engage in trading across an array of assets, including commodities, forex, indices, and stocks.
Profit Split
Your profit split scales from 90/10 up to 100/0, ensuring your success is duly recognized.
Guaranteed Funding
Embark on your journey with the potential for guaranteed funding of up to $10,000,000.

My Flash Funding

The evaluation process at My Flash Funding involves a concise one-step assessment designed to gauge a trader’s virtual trading proficiency and adherence to objectives.

Success in Step 1 of the Simulated Evaluation process is essential for demonstrating virtual trading skills and adherence to prescribed trading objectives.

Successful candidates gain access to the FPF funded account with a 90% profit split, which can potentially increase up to 100% based on performance.

One Step Evaluation

Simulated Trading Period
You have an unlimited time to complete this challenge.
Simulated Minimum Trading Days
There are no minimum trading day requirements.
Simulated Maximum Daily Loss
You’re allowed a maximum daily loss of $400 (4% of your initial capital).
Simulated Maximum Trailing Loss
You can incur a maximum trailing loss of $600 (6% of your initial capital).
Virtual Profit Target
Your goal is to achieve a profit of $1,000 (10% of your initial capital).
Refundable Fee
The fee for this step is $107 and is refundable under certain conditions.


In the dynamic world of proprietary trading, selecting the right platform is a pivotal first step. Funded Trader and My Flash Funding each offer unique pathways, tailored to different trading styles and preferences.

From the comprehensive evaluation of Funded Trader’s challenge to the streamlined process of My Flash Funding, traders now have a clearer compass to navigate their journey. Remember, the perfect fit ultimately hinges on individual goals and trading philosophies. Armed with this knowledge, may every trader embark on their path to success with confidence, knowing they’ve taken that crucial first step towards a thriving trading future.