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Discover Instant Funding Opportunities to Accelerate Trading Success with Ease

In the fast-paced world of proprietary trading, agility is often the key to success. The concept of instant funding has emerged as a game-changer, offering traders a swift and efficient route to accessing the capital they need to navigate the markets. Unlike traditional funding processes that may entail prolonged waiting periods, instant funding programs provide a seamless bridge between skill and capital.

In this blog, we delve into the realm of instant funding, exploring leading platform: Funded Trading Plus. We aim to shed light on the pivotal role that rapid access to trading capital plays in a trader’s journey. From seizing timely opportunities to swiftly adapting to market shifts, quick access to capital has become a linchpin in the trader’s toolkit.

Join us as we dissect the instant funding offerings of this dynamic platform, seeking to empower traders with the knowledge needed to make astute decisions in their pursuit of trading success.

Forex Prop Firm

Experience the convenience of instant funding, eliminating the need for a rigorous evaluation phase. Forex Prop Firm understands the urgency of getting traders into the market, and with their no-evaluation policy, you can embark on your trading journey promptly.

Instant Funding: Accelerating Your Trading Success

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No Evaluation Needed

Experience the convenience of instant funding, eliminating the evaluation phase.
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Account Range

Choose an account size between 10K and 200K, tailoring your trading environment to your goals.
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Starting Capital

Begin with capital ranging from $10,000 USD to $200,000 USD, enabling you to initiate your trading journey confidently.
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Minimum For Withdrawal

Ensure your progress by maintaining a minimum balance for withdrawal.
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Overall Drawdown

Safeguard your capital with an overall drawdown limit of 5%.
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Daily Drawdown

Exercise prudent risk management with a daily drawdown limit of 5%.
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Minimum Trading Days

Dedicate at least 5 trading days to continue honing your skills.
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Overnight & Weekend

Harness the power of EA’s, signals, and holding positions overnight and over the weekend to refine your strategies.
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Navigate the markets using the versatile MT4 and MT5 platforms.
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Profit Split Funded Account

Enjoy a profit split ranging from 80/20 up to 100/0 in your funded account.
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Explore and trade across commodities, forex, indices, and stocks, enhancing your portfolio diversification.
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Guaranteed Funding

Unlock the potential for guaranteed funding up to $10,000,000, amplifying your trading endeavors.
Experience the swiftness and power of Instant Funding, where you can directly immerse yourself in the world of trading without the need for evaluation, and accelerate your journey towards trading success.

Funded Trading Plus

For traders seeking instant evaluation without the need for a traditional challenge, Funded Trading Plus offers the Instant Evaluation Master Program. This program streamlines the evaluation process, allowing traders to get right into action without delay.

Instant Evaluation Master Program

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Maximum Trading Days

Traders have an unlimited number of trading days.
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Account Range

Profit Split: Traders will receive a 70/30 profit split. It increases to 80/20 at 20% profit and 90/10 at 30% profit.
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Profit Target

The profit target is not specified (x).
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Minimum Trading Days

There is no minimum requirement for trading days.
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Maximum Leverage

Traders can utilize a maximum leverage of 30:1.
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Maximum Loss

The maximum allowable loss is 5% of the initial deposit or $1,250 ($23,750 balance).
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Daily Loss

There is no daily loss limit.
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Scaling Plan

Account scaling occurs every 10% of profit, with no minimum trading day requirements.
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Withdrawal Criteria

Traders can withdraw from the first day of the evaluation, followed by weekly withdrawals.
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Minimum Withdrawal Amount

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, and there are no associated fees.
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EAs Allowed

Traders are allowed to use Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading.
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Maximum Lot Size

There is no hard limit on the maximum lot size; it is limited only by available margin.
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Hold Over the Weekend

Traders cannot hold positions over the weekend.
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Stop Loss Required

Traders are not required to use a stop loss.
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The fee for the Instant Evaluation Master Program is $1,125 for a $25,000 account.
With the Instant Evaluation Master Program at Funded Trading Plus, traders step into a world of opportunity without the constraints of traditional challenges. This streamlined approach empowers traders to focus on performance, maximizing their potential for success in the dynamic world of proprietary trading.

Tips for Traders Seeking Instant Funding Solutions

For traders seeking instant funding solutions, consider these general tips:
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Know Your Goals
Define your trading goals and financial objectives clearly. Understanding what you aim to achieve is the first step in making an informed decision.
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Evaluate Your Trading Style
Assess your trading style, risk tolerance, and preferred instruments. Different programs may align better with specific trading approaches.
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Read the Fine Print
Scrutinize the terms and conditions of each program. Pay attention to profit splits, withdrawal criteria, and any potential limitations.
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Stay Informed
Keep abreast of market trends and trading strategies. Continuous learning and adaptation are key to success in the dynamic world of trading.
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Choose Wisely
Ultimately, the right instant funding solution should align with your individual trading goals and preferences. Make a choice that empowers you on your journey to trading success.


We’ve explored Funded Trading Plus, each with its distinctive approach to instant funding. As we wrap up our analysis, let’s recap the key takeaways.

Funded Trading Plus offers the Instant Evaluation Master Program, a streamlined approach that rewards traders based on performance rather than predefined challenges. With an unlimited trading timeline and escalating profit split, it’s a program designed to let traders shine on their terms.

As you embark on your trading expedition, remember that the road to success is as unique as your trading journey. Make your choice, seize the opportunity, and let your trading endeavors flourish.